Heather Lenza

Spiritual Empowerment Facilitator

From mentoring + coaching, selling spiritual tools + items, reading + teaching tarot, to creating courses..

I help women find their self-worth, come back to who they are, open themselves to new possibilities, + establish better boundaries so that they feel more empowered, connected, + aligned with their divine purpose.

I have a passion for reminding women how to call back their power and teaching them how to break down negative core belief systems. I operate from a belief that all women are deserving and capable of the life they desire - from the big things to the little things - and by finding her self-worth, connecting to herself + source energy, she is then able to set better boundaries through self-love, appreciation, compassion + respect.

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Ancestor Veneration

Western culture is one of, if not the only, cultures in the world who do not hold a dedicated + celebrated reverence for their dead. Weird? I think so.

Working with your ancestors has so much to offer, starting with the best spiritual protection team you could ever dream of. They can pull strings in this world from the other side - many things are small like a close parking spot at every store you go to, and then some bigger things like removing obstacles from your path or warning you of threats that often come in the form of specific people or their intentions.

Bottom line, we underutilize an amazing resource that’s full of love. The ones who have walked before you are still having their hands in your well being and day to day life - why not invest in that relationship? This course gives you everything to get started on the journey of properly working with and venerating your ancestors.

In this course, you will learn the basics on a lot of things:

- Why you should heal your ancestral line and what that means

- The very important difference between well ancestors and all ancestors

- Familial trauma + unsavory relations

- Who are your ancestors

- Adopted + cultural ancestors

- Why work with them

- How to work with them and what that looks like

- Altars vs. shrines + how to set up and activate them

- Offerings: what, when, how, why, and disposal

- How to expand + foster this new relationship with suggestive activities

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