Blacktie Branding

Exposing your Business

Black tie Branding helps corporate start up and growing businesses to build their online presence .
We are about sales, aesthetics and business growth.
We actively listen to your business goals, help you identify your niche, targeted audience and build your brand online and offline presence.
Here is what stands us out
We provide affordable yet quality service for your budget and no matter what your budget is, there is a plan that can grow your business.

Our Offers

• Social media handling: We help you create highly professional and engaging content and build your online presence

• Consultation on brand building and growth
• Help you flesh up your business idea and grow it from scratch to finish.

• We offer very affordable short courses that teaches you how to use basic tools for your business growth.

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Meet the Brand Strategist

My name is Olaolu Bolanle. I am the creative behind black tie branding who have worked with number of start up businesses. Over time experiences, investments in knowledge and wide research have helped me understand how to help you kick off your business .
When I am not branding, I am a certified professional counsellor who helps people deal with their emotional struggles.

Attention 📢

If you are waiting for a perfect time to start a business, you might never start, because the perfect time might never come.
Start that business with what’s available, tell people about it will grow.
You can share that your business idea and I will help you start up.

There are two people striving in business . Those who are paying heavily for serial trainings to learn the rudiment of business and those people who are paying people to help them grow their business. Even as a brand strategist, I s
Which are you?
If you are not doing any, sigh!!!! It’s not too late; We can start somewhere if you click on the link below to send me a DM

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