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Rafting along Martha Brae River & Green Grotto Caves

Be ready to live an unforgettable experience at Martha Brae and the Green Grotto Caves. Learn about “The Legend of Martha Brae”. This is a private tour. You will get the most out of this visit to the off-the-beaten-path of Jamaica and enjoy the ability to travel in your own space.

Green Grotto Caves & Martha Brae River Rafting

Blue Hole & Secret Falls

This unforgettable Jamaica private adventure tour is truly breathtaking and you will experience two experiences: the Blue Hole and Luminous Lagoon (Glistening Waters). Blue Hole where there is a natural limestone sinkhole where you can swim and cliff jump, then head to Luminous Lagoon to view and swim in the glistening water.

Blue Hole & Secret Falls

Experience YS Falls

Enjoy personalized attention from your dedicated guide on this private tour to YS Falls from Montego Bay. Take in the beauty of the falls, which cascades over seven levels, and zoom on a zipline through the canopy. Entrance fees, and round-trip private transportation from Montego Bay to YS Falls included.

Experience YS Falls

The RastaSafari Experience

The RastaSafari is a community discovery experience in a beautiful 500 inhabitants village in the countryside. So much fun riding through the hills, plains, and village, mingling with the locals, it is a real cultural experience where you will learn so much about the local way of life.

The RastaSafari Experience

From Cacao Bean to Chocolate Bar and Beyond

We take you on a journey to Jamaica to discover the true history of chocolate. We take you from the fields and the farm into the kitchen where using chocolate and your favourite ingredients we'll create traditional cocoa balls but with a twist thats uniquely yours.

Online experience, live from Kingston Jamaica🇯🇲

JAMDUNG!!! Dance class with KimikoVersatile

Captivate that rich Jamaican Culture through a dance class! Learn Jamaican dances straight from an authentic Jamaican Celebrity Dancer and Creator. All levels are welcome

JAMDUNG!!! Dance class with KimikoVersatile

Discover foods from around the world

Book cooking classes and culinary workshops from around the world

Cook authentic foods with your friends, family or colleagues!

Taste the heritage with Adé

Join us in this interactive and immersive experience where we will cook, eat, laugh and exchange cultures. An African cooking series inspired by grandma’s recipes. This cooking series will take you on a journey of understanding Beninese Food, its rich culture and complex history. We are passionate about bridging cultural gaps by curating authentic dining experiences that shine a bright light on West African food and culture.

Kenyan Flavour

Learn how to make authentic Kenyan cuisines from scratch with ingredients and materials from your own kitchen! In this fun and interactive experience, Josephine will teach you how to prepare authentic kenyan cuisines all using the techniques from my family own recipe. You will be cooking , dancing and listening to the Kenyan music that will bring the Kenyan's atmosphere in your kitchen.

Afro-fusion Cuisine

You will have fun by enjoying cooking in a warm atmosphere with Afro beats. Aimed at lovers of African gastronomy, cooking classes are always moments of conviviality, sharing and discovery! Book this unique culinary experience with chef Paule to encapsulate the very own traditional and modern African cuisine.

Taste of Ancient Mexico

Learn what authentic Mexican food looks and tastes like with the lovely Claudia! You will help you experience the mouth watering smells and rich, explosive flavor that she has been taught to prepare in traditional fashion, with knowledge handed down over generations of culinary experts in her family.

Tasty Peruvian recipes step by step

Cook tasty Peruvian recipes with a local Chef in the comfort of your home in an entertaining way. You will not only cook Peruvian food, but you will also have fun and discover Peruvian culture through a unique culinary experience.

French Profiteroles

Welcome to our kitchen! You will learn how to make this crowd favourite dessert with us. We will guide you through every step of the process. You will get your hands dirty, you will laugh, you will learn new things, and at the very end, you will feast on your creation.

Fun Vibes French Crepes

Welcome to the Pancake Show! Learn how to cook proper savory and sweet French Crepes with a French Crepe advocate. You will have so much fun, eating our own crepes, having a great conversations and a cultural exchange.

Taste the Culture

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Best online experiences in Brazil 🇧🇷

Top experiences in Brazil you can do right now if you can't travel

You love Brazil, but you are worried about traveling to Rio or Salvador? We got you!

No need to fly. Here is our selection of dope experiences you can do from the comfort of your home!


Bahia Experience: Live Streamed Walking Tour with Sayuri

Explore Bahia from a local's perspective. This live virtual tour is a good way to start planning your vacation in Bahia

Live from Salvador de Bahia with Sayuri!

Discover the poignant story of little Africa neighborhoods in Rio

Learn more about afro influence in Rio de Janeiro without leaving the comfort of your home.

Talk and meet locals engage with like minded people.

A certified tour guide raised in Rio de Janeiro with years of experience.

Little Africa Rio

Discover how bands prepare for Rio Carnival?

The only LIVE experience that reveals the mysteries of the biggest and most famous carnival in the world: Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Contribute and give back to the community by promoting social inclusion and educate through art, culture, and Carnival. The funds raised for this experience will help fund social activities around carnival preparation and youth inclusion.

Behind the scene of the Rio Carnival

Rio De Janeiro’s Favelas - Virtual Tour Experience

Get to know the real history of an actual social problem in Brazil and see from a local standpoint and understand the perspective of the inhabitants.

This is a unique experience to understand in full the phenomenon of Rio’s Favela, with love, charisma, sincerity, and a lot of humor, we will walk around the hills of Rio de Janeiro, to get to know amazing people.

Insider look into the Favelas in Rio