Black White & Grey AF! Podcast

Who are we?

We are 2 black women, who loves black culture, black men, black women, black children, and all black anything and everything. We met each other discovering that we both had the same deferred dream, having a podcast. With that in common, we’re determined to no longer allow our dream to remain one, we decided to turn it into a goal. Thus calling ourselves goalfriends.

Antoinette and I love to talk about many different topics which quickly revealed that we have different views in various aspects. What we admire about one another is the respect given of our individualistic viewpoint. This is what makes our podcast such an intriguing conversation to listen to weekly.

Our conversations could vary from politics, friendships, relationships, sex, to pop culture, and current events. So tune in, subscribe, and be sure to save your data by auto downloading the episodes as they post.
You could also see us live and in action as we pregame to record on YouTube! Need some advice from a good good girlfriend with no judgement while remaining discrete or want us to discuss a topic email us! 😊 We can not wait to engage with you!

Our YouTube Channel


Listen to me when I say, “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS A VIDEO!” This is where you can see us unedited! As you know (because you read the about page in its entirety 😉) we have NEVER done the before, and that’s on PERIODT. Side note: do I have to add the actual punctuation, “.” If I spelled it out? Ok ok, back to the topic.

So on BWGAF’s YouTube channel we want you to see all of the behind the scenes of the podcast. There will be videos of how we pregame, set up equipment, just kickin the shits, and us hyping ourselves up. We are scared as hell but this YouTube channel will show you how we get out of our OWN DAMN WAY! 😂 We will eventually add various vlog style videos doing things that are outside our box in order to open up and get ready for whatever is to come in the future!

With all that being said TUNE the hell in as we are FULLY prepared to embarrass ourselves! I implore you to nosey AF so you can laugh HARD AF!!!


Pre-Game 2 for episode 1 FRFR 🤣

Pre-Game for episode 1, which is episode 1.