heyyy, it’s blaine!

are you ready for an incredible opportunity?

as a full time high school student-athlete, i had never thought about a job that wasn’t a healthcare worker, a retail employee, or anything the average high school student worked. i thought that was all you could do.

now as a full time college student-athlete and no way to work without stressing myself to death, with a plan on picking up my student loans from my parents after i graduate, this has already changed everything. now i have a savings plan, marketing experience, and a whole amazing background of people supporting me the whole way, and more, that will help me through college and even well into my career.

on the plus side, earning this income before my marriage to this amazing man in the pic will be a great booster for our wedding and life together 🤍

not only has this opportunity given me a financial plan during and after college, but it has given me an opportunity for personal accountability, an opportunity to reach out and help people in a multitude of ways, and the opportunity to work in a God-centered business and gain valuable life experience as i’ve learned to plan and work around busy schedules and, well, life!

join me in an incredible journey of opportunity of your own. i promise you, it will change your life.