Blanca Loves Beauty

Hair Colourist & Extensions Specialist

Hi there, I’m Blanca: licensed cosmetologist and color and extension specialist. With 15+ years experience I have learned so much and been blessed to be part of some of the best education the industry has to offer. I am currently a certified Natural Beaded Row hair extension stylist working in the DFW Texas area.

Previously I taught balayage certification and blonding classes at “Color Me Pretty Hair Salon” in Sacramento California; then ventured on my own as an independent artist offering one on one luxury hair services. I continue to grow as a stylist and strive to bring the best to my guests at the chair.

Are you looking for length, natural hair growth and color? I became passionate about helping my clients not only have beautiful color but healthy scalp and hair too. The beautiful thing about NBR is you can add length, density and, maintain your natural hair at the same time. With NBR you can have the most comfortable sew in method without the worries of headaches and discomfort along with my signature balayage methods to keep your natural hair long and healthy. Complete my application process today to start the appointment process.

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