Hello there!
I am Blanca-owner of Blanca’s Sweets; gourmet chocolate covered strawberries + more!
I am 27 years, I am a proud Latina- with Mexican parents. I am married to my best friend and father of our first baby-Jesus. Jesus and I met almost 6 years ago- married 3 years ago. I have a one year old daughter-Cathy. I am a dog mommy to-Zoe.🐾
We are a family of 4 ♡

Before the pandemic-March 2020;
pregnant and going off to Spring Break from school. I was working as a Spanish-Educator. I have been working as a teacher for about 5 years, love all my babies and miss them so much! After we went off to spring-break, we did not return because of the pandemic. I had my baby Sept-2020, with 2 months postpartum, I began to bake and make treats for my family and I.
I have always had a passion for baking.
I ordered everything I thought I needed to start dippin’ treats! My mother-in-Laws birthday was around the corner of Nov-2020 and I thought what a lovely gift would be to make her a dipped treat box; so I did. Everyone in my family were impressed and hyped me up to make an account- that night of November 15, 2020 I made Blanca’s Sweets official. I began to get followers + inquiries- I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy! I couldn’t believe I was slowly but surely becoming known and having my awesome customers recommend me to other people! I love meeting each and one of you; I have definitely made such great friendships with other small business vendors and customers! I love re-creating ideas and sometimes I do extra stuff just so it can be perfect!
✨ I am so excited to keep growing and meeting more awesome people like you; who support small businesses and soon to create a special box for you and your loved ones!

As always,
Thank You + God Bless! 🤍