“Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.”

Hey there! I’m Kiana Blau!
I am so fired up you found your way here & are interested in learning more about what I do!
A little about me: I am a FULL time momma to the perfectest little boy, his name is Leo, & a German Shepard pitbull mix pup, Miah🐶. I live to travel, converse are the most comfortable shoe, and any time is Chinese food time!!
I came across this opportunity two years ago on Instagram when I saw a friend from middle school posting about making an extra income from her phone. I thought it was absolutely a scam and there was just no way, but I was living the broke college student life struggling to make ends meet so I decided to give it a shot! One week in and I was feeling so blessed 🥰
Because I said “yes” a year ago, my life has changed completely. I am healthier then ever before and in the best shape of my life because of the products that come along with this biz! I have built relationships with like minded, strong willed, goal driven women I would have never without this. I have been able to pay off debt, get rid of my credit cards, and be apart of the CASH ONLY club!!
I know what it’s like to have to count change to put in your gas tank, or borrow money from family so you can get by. I know what it’s like to put groceries and car payments on a credit card. I now know what it’s like to not struggle, and it’s truly a choice. You are worthy. You are meant to do BIG things and live the life YOU want.
Before you fill out the app below, here are some things you will learn when you join my team!
❖How to make a successful income from insta & Facebook
❖How you become the best version of you
❖How to inspire others & grow your network
❖How to brand yourself on social media
❖How to help others reach their goals, and so much more!
Our team has one of the fastest growing social media teams in our whole company and I cannot wait to help you reach your goals!
So here’s a few questions?...
-Are you disciplined & coachable?
-Are you ready to change your life?
-Are you willing to learn?
-Do you want to have FUN while making money?
I can’t wait to see how this business can change your life like it has mine! Apply below and let’s see if this is the right fit for you! Talk soon!
Xoxo 💋 Kiana