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Blessanca & Co is more than just an event planning company; it is resource to elevate experiential marketing, an instrument to provide exposure for brands, and support to help celebrate every occasion and local businesses.

Founder’s Picks

Pick the founder’s mind with her favourites

From food to local brands, indulge into Blessanca & CO Founder’s mind and see what her current favourites are.

Jenna Kutcher Favourite Tools!

When it comes to trying to come up with new marketing strategies or just getting my mind and motivation stimulated for creativity, I always turn to Jenna Kutcher and her podcast “The Goal Digger”. She shares her experiences as an entrepreneur and mom, which is something I can relate to. In one of her podcast episodes, she shared a link to some of her favourite sources; from clothing to business tools, EVERYTHING is there.

Jenna Kutcher Faves!

Chloe Ting Free Workout Programs

During these unprecedented times, we all had to make a lot adjustments to our routines. For a lot of people, fitness routines were changing DRASTICALLY. I loved incorporating weightlifting but I needed to find a way to adapt and find a workout that can work for me, my schedule while being at home. Then I found Chloe Ting, a Fitness Influencer from Australia, who has FREE programs and challenges that intrigued me. I love that each workout video was 10-13 minutes long which fit so well with my #workingMom Schedule. Check it out!!

Chloe Ting Free Workout Programs

From The Farm To Home: Produce Delivery Service

During this COVID-10 pandemic, my husband and I were discussing that we should start supporting local brands more. Then he found Fruit Suite. We were either wasting the bulk fruit that we bought from Costco or didn’t have enough fruit when we purchased it from our closest grocery store. So, Fruit Suite helped us solve that problem! This is an easy to order produce delivery service where you can select all of the produce, which just a few clicks and then it’s all set for delivery.

Order your FRESH produce from Fruit Suite Today!

This is where I get most of my recipes!

When I cook, I like to imagine myself as a professional cook on a cook show with superb cooking and plating skills. I’m not a fan of trying to search for the right recipe for something because it consumes way too much time but Half Baked Harvest always hits the nail right on the head with each of their recipes.

Visit Half Baked Harvest!

Planoly: Visual Social Media Planner & Resource

Planoly is the first visual social media planner and scheduler for Instagram and NOW Pinterest posts. It’s clear, to the point and you can use it on both the web and mobile. I also love Planoly because of their blog and how they share inspirational stories of other business owners, insight on different digital trends, tips and tricks and many more!

Check out Planoly!

CGD: Tips and insights for the modern career woman!

My daily reads include A LOT of blogs. Lots and lots of them! I’m all about trying to find new ways to create new content and find new ways to evolve in my business, my mindset, my wellness and more. CAREER GIRL DAILY is included in the list of daily reads.

Visit Career Girl Daily

More digital insights with Chloe Digital

Next up on the daily reading list is: CHLOE DIGITAL. This is a membership that provides “Blog tech support and growth strategy”. They also provide insightful information on industry trends, actionable tips and leadership insights.