About Me ♡︎

I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can find health for their inner spirit & body.

➳ My heart is filled with the Holy Spirit
➳ Mama of 4
➳ Happily married
➳ Bipolar disorder & severe panic disorder warrior
➳ BS in Psychology & MA in Counseling

I am partnered with an amazing all natural health, wellness, & beauty company. Here at Arieyl, we are different & we pride ourselves on how unmatched we are.

You can’t find anything else like what we offer. We offer unique gummies, tinctures, & beauty products that focus on natural ingredients.

We are not just like any old network marketing company. The brand is SO unique, so intriguing. Products include ingredients like chaga mushroom, CBD, CBG, marine collagen, vitamin b, vitamin c, zinc.

I joined Arieyl because I saw the potential. I have a huge vision & I am chasing after it. If you lean into your support system, anything is possible. We don’t just have sales reps. We have a tribe. We have men & women who are full of support & friendship. We literally train every step of the way.

What you see me doing on social media- is literally what I do. I share my love and passion for the products & this business. We don’t push people. We don’t cold message. We simple share our passion.

Network marketing has been around for 100+ years and it works. It’s no different than sharing a pic of your face Starbucks drink.

In 2022, network marketing is said to explode. With our world being remote & virtual, this is how businesses are building. Success is right around the corner.

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Why these products?

Because when I take them I feel like SUPER MOM!

-Sustainable energy all day every day
-you’re getting vitamins pushed into your body 24/7/365!
-weight management
-serotonin boost (the happy chemical!!)
-mental focus & clarity
-improved memory
-improved joint movement
-you’re getting a blend of PREMIUM grade vitamins, they have a 90%+ absorption rate whereas the vitamins you get at the store only usually have a 10%-15% absorption rate.
-PLANT BASED, God given!

Need I say more? 😁

Show me these products!