Get to know me

Finding the blessings in the middle of the mess

Hi there! My names Annie, I am a recovering perfectionist & control freak who has found so much freedom in letting go & finding the lessons in my unexpected journey... those lessons have truly always been blessings all along but it took years of self growth, intentional work & grit to shift my focus to see it that way & more.

These days, I am a woman developing, leaning in & trusting the promises God has in my calling. I am a wife to my husband Daniel. I am a mom to two incredible chain breaking kids, Ava & Brody.

My sweet girl was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome in 2014. She was told she would never walk or talk... today we live a life that not only tells her but teaches her she does not have to be defined by her circumstances.

& because I’m a woman who also hustles for her family to give the best version of me to them, I said yes to a partnership with a luxury, vegan, cruelty free, hair and skin brand, to make an impact in people, their hair, skin & importantly their lives! & here’s the thing, my plate is already full..but being able to build a stream of income from my own home without having to leave my little babes was the huge piece to why I said yes. Wifi & using the pockets in my day to make that impact babe is all it takes! ✨

Because of that we now have been called to spread this like wildfire through our communities.. impact, community & everything in between. I want you to thrive in your circumstances, whatever they may be, & I’m grateful our paths have crossed. ✨

Xo Annie