Bleuming Hope

breathe! smile! live!

Julie Ann A. Flores, A Grade 11 student from Don Vicente Rama Memorial High School, studies Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.

Bleuming Hope is created to spread positivity, to inspire and motivates other to continue living with a bliss. All content is credited to the owner herself.

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it's hard to be enough...

Sometimes in our life, we would asked ourselves, "Am i not enough?" You, maybe you're having a great dilemma in your life but as long as you're doing your best, then you're enough. Don't let the crowd be the reason to question your identity. As long as you're trying with your best, then it's enough. You're enough. Always remember, to the wrong person you'll never be enough but to the right person, you're more than enough.

our favorite hello will always have the hardest goodbye

Every book that we read will always come to its end. And so as everything in our life. We never know when to let go but we must ready ourselves, after all, we can't avoid but to face it— sooner or later. It surely takes time for us to process and heal ourselves, everything will take time. But honey, i know you're brave enough to survive. Ending means we're stepping another book to explore, another beginning for everyone of us.