Give credits to @Dotscr I think!😅

What my website includes:
-Coloring tutorial
-Fonts I use
-Fanpage tips
-Thank you notes
-And some accounts to follow, if you want!💕

Coloring tutorial

Give credits to @Dunkiespais

-First go to 24FPS
Import a video
Press the clip, it turns purple and press apply filter
Press the plus in the right corner of your screen, and press “Import Polarr QR Filter Image”
Then it will take you to photos and you import the “Tak3 on m3” QR code, then save it. ( You can choose wether or not you want the watermark.)
-Next go to Prequel
Import a video and wait for it to load
Go to adjust and do the following:
Exposure: -25
Highlights: 100+
Shadows: -100
Skin tone: -40
Saturation: -25
Blur: 25+

Fonts i use

All my fonts:
-Cream DEMO
-Shorelines script bold
-Louis George Café bold
-Kg Redhands
All of these fonts are on Dafont!💕
Just search it up on “Google”!

Thank you notes!!!😊

Thank you all so much for 4.4K 💕
I can’t believe it!
You all have supported me😊
I love you all so much!
I started on March 19, less than 5 month ago, and I already have 4.4K😳!
For you it might not be a lot, but to me it’s unbelievable!!!
That’s totally crazy!
Thank you for 45.0k likes in total! 😭! I can’t believe it!
Also thank you for 189.7k views including all my vids!!!!

Tips for fanpages!💕

I think they will work!🥺

-Use trending hashtags like: #Fyp
#Xybca #Blowup #Actives? And also your own usernames hashtag!😁
-Ask people to reply to your comment, so they get a notification, when you post🥰
-Follow back everyone (Unless you have over 10k, because you can’t anymore😅)
-You could do actives for actives? (It basically means you like a few of their video’s, and comment on them, and they do the same thing in return😊)
-Do video ideas you see on your Fyp. (that has a lot of likes)
-Give credits.
Ib (Inspired by)
Cc (Colouring credits)
Tc (Theme credits)
-You could tag people in the comments to get more likes, if it flops, or just repost it☺️
-Make sure to be nice!🥰 If your not, your never going to be accepted in your fandom
-Don’t steal other fan pages videos (You’ll get hate)
-Put watermark on your videos, so people don’t steal it
That’s it!😆

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