designing authentically, creating deliberately

🌿 hey! I’m Kylie, a Canadian based bullet journal enthusiast, and welcome to my page ⋒

My Top Picks ⋒

stationery finds & recommendations!

journal materials

🌿 For any of my aspiring bullet journalists, I would definitely recommend investing in a timeless piece that will be used on a daily basis; a journal! Whether plain, grid, or lined, chose what you feel happy and comfortable with!
My essential is a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal!


If you’re looking to add a sophisticated element to your journal, I would more than suggest purchasing a Tombow fudenosuke brush pen! I use this item every day, and I can vouch that not only is the quality outstanding, but it simply makes everything look more defined and chic! ✨

study supplies

I am a secondary studygrammer! 🌷
While my page is known for its signature bullet journal style, I love to spend time creating beautiful notes!
I’m a corresponding high school senior, and as I’ve gotten older, I notice my primary motivation to actually do schoolwork is a) the study notes and b) supplies!
Here are my essential stationery pieces for studying!
1. Muji recycled paper binders (grey & beige)
2. Muji grid loose leaf
3. Muji beige paper dividers

a little extra detail

If you’re looking to add another element of depth to your journal creations, I would highly suggest buying a Sakura white gelly roll pen!
This has become an absolute staple for me and my artistic ambitions! Its potential is beyond this world, you can design so many beautiful spreads with just one simple pen as an add on! 🖊☁️
As a complete stationery nerd, I can tell you now, this purchase is more than worth it!

don’t overlook...

... the power of an aesthetically pleasing ‘extra’! One of my go to’s here is the Zebra mildliner! Not only do I genuinely love to use these in my artistic endeavours, but they are so beautiful! But, all aesthetic purpose aside, I LOVE mildliners, and they make this cut for essentials without a doubt!

pens, pens, pens ✨

Now, what is an artist without a ride or die pen? Nothing, let me tell you! Honestly, I think gel pens are my best friend, and the Muji US online store always has me hooked up with supplies to suite these needs!
My absolute essential for writing tools like this has to be the Muji 0.5 mm gel pen! The performance is incredible, and no matter how many times I’ve ran it through wet glue during intense journal seasons, it still holds up perfectly! I can’t recommend this product enough! Take it from a ‘since-childhood-stationery-obsessed’ girl, I know my pens. 🤍

a message to aspiring creators ✨

design authentically, create intentionally

flatlay tips ☁️

how to get that crisp, clean, elegant layout!

I’m here to give you a hand, friends! 🤍
I have been there... you’ve started your Instagram account, you’re excited, ambitious, ready to embrace the journey, but then... you suddenly feel a wave of negativity wash those optimistic emotions away. You feel like you simply don’t even compare to the other journaling influencers.
I’m here to tell you, have no fear! We’ve honestly all been in that place, and it’s truly a humbling quality to feel like your work doesn’t measure up to the ones who have inspired you along the way. I myself struggled for a long time, constantly trying to find my signature style that would define the feed I eventually built up! So give yourself time! But before you psych yourself out of it, I’ve listed some of the tips that helped me to grow a page that I am so passionate about now! ✨

take advantage of simple colours

Clean, simplistic surfaces work best, in my opinion. To build a consistent, aesthetic feed, I’d recommend using neutral colours and tones. For example, my backgrounds are always on the white sheets in my room! My posts are composed of a very basic setup, and the primary reason behind that is because I wanted to show people that you can create beautiful pieces without complex requirements! After all, in the words of Audrey Hepburn, there is beauty in simplicity!

don’t over-complicate it

I’ll admit, I’m definitely a minimalista all the way.
I’m naturally drawn to clean, somewhat empty artifacts of photography, but while I say empty, that doesn’t mean boring.
Having minimalistic features to your aesthetic does not plainly suggest there isn’t any depth. In fact, even the smallest changes in a minimal setting can alter a photo, and make a world of difference.
One way I do this is by using the crinkles in my bed sheets. This detail offers much more for the eye to look at, and it’s even more so accentuated once editing takes place.

include props

I know, I know. I did just preach the idea that “less is more”! But trust me, throwing in a few extra pieces doesn’t off put the minimaliste ambiance you may be striving for. I personally love to use props, but simple ones at that. Keeping to the basics will help you to not over complicate your process.
My favourite extras that I love to use in photo styling are items such as...
• a pair of glasses
• zebra mildliners
• muji gel pens
• a plain covered book
• jewelry
• any pretty, fancy ‘non essential but still important’ items you have on hand! Consider a handbag, pencil case, some glassware, really anything that you feel comfortable with!

don’t underestimate the power of layering

I love layers! Truly, they give a piece of photography that added element it may have been missing. For me, the element could include a few extra blankets, more crinkles in bed sheets, books on books, literally anything!

pro tips: editing tools & strategies

my go to editing apps 🤍

snapseed ✨

This is 100% my favourite editing app of all time!

I utilize the brush tool above anything in this app, and it’s so useful! You can intentionally increase exposure, darken specific areas, or boost saturation, plus so much more! I’ll definitely have to go into more detail regarding my editing process through Snapseed at a later time!

darkroom ✨

I use this app first before the rest of my steps in the editing process! It’s great for getting a clean, sharp image before setting in some additional touches near the end!
My go to steps here include brightening the image, decreasing overall saturation, and constantly sharpening the photo (I LOVE this feature!) 🤍

how I edit in snapseed!

steps to getting a minimalistic, clean image

Step 1 - decrease saturation

Pro tip before we get started: I only use the brush tool here!
Firstly I will start by running over the image with the saturation tool in spots that look a bit warmer than I’d like. I decrease the saturation levels to -5.
I personally don’t like making the entire image too black and white, so I will only decrease colours on my background, or the paper of my journal if it feels too yellow! Of course, if you’re not editing a photo of art, you will have much more freedom to not be as tedious!

Step 2 - always increase exposure

This is probably the most essential feature that my photos would not thrive without!
I always recommend boosting the brightness in any piece of photography; it makes the entire image feel and look more crisp and professional, especially when it comes to pictures of your journal.
I usually take the exposure brush tool in Snapseed, increase to +7, and run it over the whole image.

Step 3 - dodge and burn

This is when it gets trickier, but don’t stress! These, again, are only my personal tips that I find help me achieve a cleaner picture. You of course can do whatever makes you happy with your photos!
So here I will decrease the dodge and burn tool to -5, and fill in / darken any black lettering that I have. This makes the calligraphy stand out more, and look less cloudy after brightening it.

Step 4 - sharpening & shadows

The final stage to my editing process always finishes with boosting the sharpness (like a lot!) and decreasing shadows (like a lot!)
Completing these two steps either throughout editing or at the end, ties the whole photo together. Lowering the level of shadows may sound like it makes the image brighter, but this actually darkens any parts of your photo that, again, appear rather cloudy. And increasing sharpness always gives an edgier, but classic look, which I personally love!

My Favourite Instagram Accounts 🤍

Journaling + graphic design + studygrams

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of my favourite Instagram pages, related to bullet journaling, graphic design, study notes, and more!💐


This Instagram feed needs no introduction. You know if you know. Claudia Le Juene’s page is something out of this world! The creamy beige account simply takes my breath away every moment I glance at it! Not only does it transport you to a world of serenity, but it serves a huge dose of inspiration! Whether you need that extra kick of motivation for a study session, or you love coffee and home aesthetics, this page is more than worth taking a peek at!🙊☁️


As a bullet journalist myself, I have to say this account is what gave me the courage to start my own page. Honestly, words don’t do Louise’s creations justice! Don’t take my word for it; take a flawless feed and over 12.6k followers’ opinion.


Okay, this account can take on the world with no help at all. ✨ Established and run by one of the most lovely humans I’ve met in the Instagram community, @ainahdesign offers a blessing to your eyes. From event lettering, journaling, and faith based uplifting quotes, to some of the most beautiful graphic creations I’ve ever seen, you will never regret taking a look at a stunning page like this one!


I stumbled across a post from this feed while scrolling through my explore page.
And let me tell you now, I’m so happy I did! This account has not only been a source of beauty for me to look at every now and then, but it’s so inspiring! Valeria is incredibly sweet, not to mention the relaxed ambiance from her posts that make you want to curl up in bed with a book and study your heart away!🤍
ps. a peek at her ‘coffee’ stories highlight is definitely worth your time!


An account that focuses on the journal and only that, never does me wrong. And Kelly’s talent surpasses all expectations of bullet journaling! Go bless yo’self with some of her lovely art, I promise you’ll want to pick up several new hobbies by the time you’re finished:)


I do love me some pretty, aesthetically pleasing graphic design accounts. And Ruby’s page more than delivers! Whether you want an idol for your own graphic design ambitions, or a profile picture, I more than recommend giving her account a look!✨


Ah, okay, I can finally talk about one of my favourite pages now and forever! I’ve actually DM’d heaps with Emily, the manager/founder of this beautiful brand, and not only is she literally the sweetest and most uplifting human, but every bit of her work is stunning! Every time I see one of her posts in my feed, my heart flutters a little, because I always know I’ll be seeing an encouraging quote, or a perfectly re-created desk space! Her graphic designs are flawless, and you’ll certainly leave feeling every bit as happy as me after giving her page a peek!🤍✨
ps, new products from @bythemoon.co are coming soon, and I am VERY excited!