Best Books to Read

#1 - Eat That Frog

Written by Brian Tracy, the book gives us reasons why we Procrastinate and then provides a step-by-step solution for how to overcome it.

Author has explained in detail that it is not possible for us to complete everything. Hence, we need to be creative in procrastination, i.e. focus on important tasks and avoid or postpone less important tasks.

Read it to improve yourself and remove the tendency of shifting the work to the deadline.

Eat That Frog

#2 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Written by Stephen Covey, the book covers how we can develop good habits that can make us effective, efficient and successful.

The author suggests that its our Paradigms, that can define where we are going. Changing the Paradigms can have lasting effect on our life.

We should always schedule our priorities to get the outcome which is beneficial to all.

Apart from that the author gives weightage to sharpening our Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Life to remain effective.

Head on to this book to understand in deep.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

#3 Declutter your Mind

Authored jointly by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport, the book focuses on the power of our thoughts, which determines our action.

Authors says that human tendency is always to lean towards Negativity first, instead of Positivity. It is at that time, we should stop ourself or divert to other things to control our thoughts.

But that's not easy. I mean, the sea of thoughts is always uncontrollable. But there is a way out. Authors say that controlling our Breathing can help to control our Thoughts. Meditate regularly. Breath-in, Breathe-out. That way, you will be able to give direction to your thoughts.

Declutter your Mind