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Hey! I will Posting blogs about how I feel on certain situations from my perspective! I hope I can find people on here that agree or relate to what I put on here so that’s basically it thank you!

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My Top complaints on 2021-2022 humor

Just hear me out!

I’m putting recommendations for how our humor should be!
First of all the humor that’s some people have is extremely inappropriate but I GUESS it may be funny ONCE and a while and I’m not shaming anyone for having that type of humor but I seriously advise that whoever your joking with is 100% comfortable with your inappropriate jokes because I feel you will just loose a friend for feeling nervous around you if they don’t have the same inappropriate humor as you! | on to crackhead / energetic humor, I myself have this humor but I even know when it’s enough…some people are just quiet and it can be annoying Because I know I’m annoying! | dark humor… I have some dark humor (I know) but for some people this can seriously trigger them and make them uncomfortable 😣 I always make sure they are ok with the humor or maybe even share it to avoid any disrespectful comments that may bring back trauma! Again I’m not shaming anyone for there humor, just maybe take precautions! Bye! 💗

We need to talk about…gamers

Hear me out!

OK so like the whole thought of the name gamer is like so disgusting to me and this is why I think that! So basically why are we gonna call people gamer girls/gamer boys I mean yeah they are gamers cause they like playing games but the whole gamer boy gamer girl thing is so stupid to me I hate it so much because if people say that your a (gamer girl/ gamer boy) its “OK” but if you agree to it or even say it yourself that you’re a gamer boy or a gamer girl they are literally gonna attack you and call you a pick me like how is that your fault everybody’s calling you it, but for the second you do, you’re a pick me..??

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Hear me out

OK so I get it you know theres alll these like passage of how kids are getting bullied and videos to stop bullying and bring it up and have awareness of it but it doesn’t change nothing Because no matter what we do no matters how much we try some kids just don’t care because they don’t know what it feels like to be in the other spot the victim all they do is just laugh at other people but when you do, they have a whole meltdown and honestly they probably will tell a teacher on you because there scared, but usually the victims don’t! I honestly kind of don’t believe in like going to a teacher ALL the time i think it’s a whole lot better if you don’t because what’s that gonna do get the I trouble and make them meaner..? it’s just so confusing like how are we supposed to stop something as a child if it’s physical or or if it’s literally destroying you mentally, but again, it might just make it worse. i’m gonna be completely honest nothings working and can’t people in all just realize that whatever they’re doing is horrible I might as well just have no peace!