Personal Style Coach

Want to look & feel your best in your clothes? Make the right impressions? Radiate confidence? Have a wardrobe that inspires you & feels authentically yours? Level up in your career? This is all possible! And I'm here to help ♥️

If any of these sound familiar, let's fix it!

You have a big wardrobe, but have 'nothing to wear' every morning. You don't know how to create outfits out of what you own.

When you think of shopping it just brings stress and overwhelm, and you don't know where to start, where to shop, and how to pick out of all that endless choice.

You know how you want to look, but don't know how to express it with clothes. And you feel that there is a huge gap between how you look and how you feel.

You wear the same type of clothes, colors and silhouettes all the time, and you feel bored with your look.

Who will benefit the most from 1-1 styling?

You've shopped yourself, spent loads of time, wasted a lot of money only to come back to a closet which doesn't work for you, the pieces don't mix with each other and you stick to the same outfits that you've outgrown. Let's work together and change that!

My clients come from different fields & countries, they are at various stages of their life and have diverse style preferences, but these are the 3 most common client personalities I often work with.


You want to level up your career and your outfits have to demonstrate the pro that you are.

You need a wardrobe, which is professional, yet stylish, not boring, and you want ready-to-use outfits, so no time is wasted in the morning.


You are a face of your business, and you need your style to represent your brand not only in those brand photoshoots, but in an everyday & business life too.

Your image is the embodiment of your work, and it has to be on point.

New Mom

Your lifestyle has changed, and your wardrobe needs to catch up because you are not willing to settle for sweatpants all day.

You need comfy & stylish outfits for your every day life, so you feel and look the woman you want to be.

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