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holistic mamma, plant based wife, empath

Infinite Risings to you, my name is Bloom :-)

I am 23 years old, and a mother of two earth-side children - one 2 1/2 year old who came into this world ready for anything and one shortly arriving. I am a Cancer wife to a Sagittarius, (my divine masculine whom I am forever grateful for.) I became a mother to our first at the age of 21 and I have since learned much about gentle parenting - but I rarely read the real, raw, experiences. I am here to share mine - from the pregnancy to relationship, to present day and all the growth still happening. I have always found comfort and serenity in helping others, especially when it comes to exploring an individuals creativity - this is a major area where my inner self flourishes outward.

I am currently learning still, and am grateful you have decided to come along this journey with me into holistic healing, healing of the mind body and spirit, self love, breaking karmic cycles, spiritual growth, and much more.

I can only know if you’ve found this, it is meant to be. Take only what resonates with you from my page, and know I am here and we are in this journey together. After all I am you - you are me - we are all one with Mother Nature. Asè.

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My YouTube Channel

on my YouTube channel you can find videos of me talking about my first hand experiences from childbirth and labor to travel - sharing my personal tips and tricks, and follow along with me as I navigate through breaking cycles, gentle parenting, and learning holistic healing for a better mind, body, and spirit

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