About Me

Tan Jing Wen

I am an undergraduate student in Singapore Institute of Technology pursuing Food Technology.

I aspire to develop new product formulations & be more knowledgeable in the food industry.

I enjoy cooking, baking during my free time, as well as feasting 🤤

In this platform, I hope to share my journey revolving around 'FOOD'.


My All Time Favourite

These are some of the dishes that I have tried making & they are delicious!!

The images & recipes are found below, enjoy 💫


Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow, commonly uses flat rice noodles 'Kway Teow' and its stir fried with your desired ingredients. It can include prawns, cockles, chinese sausage, eggs, beansprouts, fish cake etc.

important ingredients
- the sauce!!

sauce (i estimated the amount hehe)
- kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)
- oyster sauce *for the savory taste
- light soy sauce *for the taste
- dark soy sauce *for the color

Flat rice noodle (Kway Teow)
Yellow Noodle
Chinese sausage
Pork Belly (marinated & sliced into bite size)
Pork Lard
* you can exclude or include any other ingredients to your desire

⭐ best cook using a wok!! to produce WOK-HEI (an aromatic charred aroma)
1. Use the extra pork fat/skin to cook the pork belly, chinese sausage.
2. Once the meat are cooked, add in the noodles.
3. Stir fry based on the package instructions.
4. Push the noodles to the other side and add in some oil to stirfry the egg.
5. Once the egg is slightly cooked, mix the egg together with everything.
6. Lastly, add the sauce & mix everything!

⭐ done!


Muah Chee

A chinese version of 'mochi'. It is commonly coated with ground peanut 🥜.

It is mainly made out of Glutinuos rice flour, providing it a chewy texture.

Recipe (i took from @Spice N' Pans on YouTube)
1. Ingredients
serves 2-3 pax

Shallot oil
- 0.5 cups of oil
- 10 pcs of shallot (sliced)

Glutinous rice dough
- 1 cup of glutinous rice flour
- 200ml of water
- 1 tablespoon of shallot oil

- grounded peanut (best toasted)
* if you are using raw peanuts/untoasted peanut like me
* roast them in the oven.
1. Preheat oven at 350 F
2. Place it in the oven for 15 minutes.
3. Stir them once or twice during that time.
4. Remove from the oven and let them cool down completely.
5. Ground them into fine peanut powder using a blender
⭐ freshly grounded peanuts smells amazingg

1. heat up the oil before adding the shallots
2. add the shallots and stirfry it in the oil till it turn slightly brown
3. remove the shallots by straining it using a strainer (*the oil is needed to make the muah chee)
4. mix the glutinous rice flour, water and shallot oil.
5. i chose to steam the mixture till its cooked (till no flour is present once poked 👇)
6. while waiting for the dough to cook, begin to mix the desire amount of sugar with the ground peanut.
7. i begin to snip the cooked glutinous dough into smaller pieces and toss it around my peanut-sugar mixture.

⭐ done!

My Top Favourite Places

Usual Spot

these are the places where I frequently dine with my friends and loved ones 💞

i want to share my love for these places, so here's a collection of them!