In this world we live in beYOUtiful!

May of 2015, my life took a drastic turn. Nothing ive expected being I was only 24. I was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease. No clue in the world, what was to come next. October of 2015 I began dialysis treatments, 3 days a week , 4 hours each time. As I began to understand what was going on, I could never prepare myself for what this journey would bring. Lots of pain, laughter, tears, joy, love & so much more.....all while trying to live a “normal” life. Some days are worse then others...but one Thing I always keep in mind is “Never let the disease control you, you control the disease”. Being strong everyday, gets tuff...but I have the best support system in the world!! (Family & friends). I’m so thankful and blessed to have them all in my life. I’ve been on the transplant list since 2015, as easy as it seems to get a kidney transplant...it has been a long time coming & im still working my way to being completely healthy and steady to receive a gift of a lifetime. I’m being patient and positive everyday.
I’ve struggled for years, about wanting to share my story & have others “keep up” with what’s being going on because I knew the negative comments, feedback etc. would have bothered me In ways that I wouldn’t allow myself to be me. But today is different. 2020 I have a different vision. I want everyone to BeYOU because everyone deserves it! & being you makes you BEYOUTIFUL!!!
With that being said I’m here to share my story, in hopes to inspire a few people. To never give up, keep on pushing forward no matter what the situation is. Stay positive and always keep smiling!
Follow me on my continuing journey......


Why I decided to say YES, to an amazing opportunity!.

It took me months before I finally took the leap of faith and said YES to this amazing opportunity. And the only regret I have is not starting SOONER!.
I said YES, because I’ve always dreamt of being able to make an income at home, while still being able to enjoy the things i love to do & spend more time with those I love. But a deeper reason, is because I wanted to be able to focus more on my health & getting where I need to be to be eligible for a kidney transplant.
Saying YES to this opportunity has allowed me to work less, to do all of the above!. My mindset has changed tremendously, my health has gotten ALOT better, I’ve gained amazing relationships with like minded people, and I’m on a better path since joining! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.

WHY WAIT, join me today! Let’s get you started on this amazing journey with me!.


“We are modern nature”

What is MONAT?.

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