Killing the Virtual norm - a conversation

Young creatives Abkinss and Blue share insights on the current state of creativity in the virtual world

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.

Creativity can be defined as "intelligence having fun"
In a platform where trending content is a looped idea that's constantly recycled, the line between what's truly creative and a replica of an idea is blurred
We caught up with two young creatives that have been on a mission to stand out and showcase creative ideas without abiding to the virtual code of promotion,clout chasing and seeking validation on a looped visual claiming it's creative.

Blue state of mind

After a definitive 2020 with a back to back visual assault thats showcased from his own page,his former vl collective page and the premier of a complex vu TV series. It's safe to say Blue is beyond proving himself as a creative individual. The question we have to ask now is what's next and when is enough truly enough

Q : Hey man (shakes hands) so here we are yet again catching up, this time we are discussing a new topic wich is creativity
Do you see yourself actively creating this year as you were last year?

Blue : Hi man yeah thanx for having me. Honestly Nah, I don't. I'm just not inspired to create anymore. I did say I'm contempt with everything I had done. I had also said Mr robot would be the last creative idea or edit I would do although sadly never got to finish it and I understand that something can suddenly spark inspiration and change what I had said about "not creating again" . it's shown with these random clips I drop like the hitman idea. Right now though I really don't feel like creating, I mean it's easy to make a vid like the one I dropped (Nibiru) and some people may look at it and say wow that's cool but to me it's not cool. I have to impress myself and I have to love what I made. That's kinda dead right now

Q : I get that. We've already mentioned that you've solidified your spot as one of those people that did it without promo or clout. I'm curious though, do you ever get asked to join other collectives that may catapult you to have a different reach or even spark new inspiration?

Blue : (sighs) it happens all the time. I've mostly avoided those requests coz of my former collective Avakingz. We had a pact to never leave the clique for any label or group or agency and we all avoided that shit. I've been creating solo for the most part of 2020 and I did get hit by this label a few times. It's (the label) different from the rest. Everyone on there is making top tier content and most of them are on second life.i told them no a few times last year and well the president of the label hit me up herself. I told her to that time I still had hope to revive didn't happen so she hit me up again this year and I was like 'yeah fuck it I'll join'.

Q : you are actually part of a label now?

Blue : not really...they sent me a contract bruh (laughs) I thought that shit was cool...I liked that. I didn't sign it though I sent it back so they could alter something on it Wich they's still in my inbox. I haven't signed it. Like I said I'm not inspired so I wouldn't have anything to offer... obviously virtual labels do music vids. (The label in question does not hinder creativity ) wich are easy to create but I quickly lose interest creating something like a music vid coz it's what everyone does. I don't think it's creative and when I try edit one I never finish because I get bored.

Blue on other virtual creators

Q : what you think of Abby as a creative who's also featured on this article with you?

Blue : I think she's dope man I can tell she has fun with it and although I don't have pictures to back it up, me and her have been friends for a while now I think she had called me out on a vid she did like on comments (laughs) she was like 'yo blue check me out n tell me what u think' i just loved her energy. Sometimes I get to see the stuff she does before she posts and she's really good at what she does. Constantly improving. I also love her UK accent and deep voice.Abby is only going up n it's awesome to watch

Q : Any other creatives you like to watch or are you still the "I don't watch shit" nigga

Blue : I'm still the "I don't watch shit nigga" coz I really don't. I honestly can't watch and have not watched an imvu music vid that goes past 1min. I know I used to post bf gf pictures but I don't peep couple pics on my feed. I'm just blind to most of the stuff going on. I don't think I've seen anything that's blown my mind here (outside my circle) in a long time

External link > Hitman by Blue

Get to know

A young Queen that's on a mission to solidify her spot while having fun in the process

Hey good to have you. You look beautiful and chilled
Briefly Introduce yourself so we get to know you better

A : Aww thank you, I’m glad to be here. I always get a lil stumped when I’m asked that (giggles) I’m Abkinss most call me Abby. I reside in the uk but born Trinidadian. I’m bubbly as hell aha I try to bring joy to those around me

All about positive vibes huh (smiles) well good to meet you Abby. So this conversation will focus on creativity in the virtual world. Are you a creative yourself? If so, what do you do...tell us everything

Abby : I like to think the best way to life is to give out to world what you want back you know ? So yeah always positive vibes (smiles). Aye! the pleasure is mine haha. I am a creative I edit videos&pics. My videos are usually dance. I also run my own agency House of kinss where I have collection of creative models I pick the themes and let them fly with it. My art is anything I find different I never want it look the same so I try my best to bring something new and different with each edit

Oh so prefer being different instead of blending in. That's actually smart. It sounds like you do a lot of do you balance all of the stuff you do?

Ahh it’s a challenge sometimes. I try to have fun in every aspect and remind myself to take a break whenever I feel overwhelmed. Self awareness plays a big part. Plus my loved ones they are always pushing me. Don’t get me wrong I do have times where I lack motivation I just remind myself why I’m doing all of this. I love it and may inspire someone out there you never know

A breakdown of what Abby does

So you actually run your own Agency, tell me more about that. Firstly shout out a few of your models then tell me how does running an agency it a process where you just give instructions and deadlines? Do your models have freedom to create however they want or are they limited in a way

Abby : That’s right, House of kinss is owned by myself and co owned by Bella&Shanz both are my cousins then we got our manager Arthur my king. Damn it’s hard to pick a few we have a lot of them and their all amazing individuals, I’m proud to see them all grow as artist people like Jessa, Daisy, jay, amber so many more they all produce edits that surprise me everytime. So yes to deadlines just so we have some organisation and I can post them all at the same time. I basically give them a theme each week what they do with theme is totally up to them I don’t restrict them in anyway. I love giving someone an idea like fire and seeing how they perceive it in an edit

So everyone gets to go crazy with a certain theme, doesn't that result in weird edits sometimes or stuff that makes you go hmmm...this person didn't deliver?

Abby : Exactly I’m not here to stifle creativity. Hmmm you’d think that but no. Everyone’s art is so different so I can’t really say one is weird and one isn’t. Especially when you get to know them it’s more like a big family rather than a modelling agency you learn their personality and understand why they edit they way they do. If I feel like a person isn’t being the best they can be I’ll talk to them about it because kinss is about challenging yourself pushing your art to the best it can be working and touching on subjects that people don’t
talk about. One of our upcoming themes will be an awareness one it’s gonna be challenge for them i know they’ll deliver I have faith in all of them their my kin after all (smiles)
house of kinss sounds like the best agency to be at I need to sign up real quick.
we did some research on you as a solo creator Ms Abby and I'd like to ask you questions based on what we observed
first question, did you edit all the pictures we see on your page?

Abby : Yup every single one is my work

Wow. Beautiful work. Have you ever had someone steal an idea you had or bite it?

Thank you so much I’ve seen some people do things similar to way I do things like how I stream for creators for example but touch wood not had anyone steal work yet (laughs)

That's dope (laughs) and we also noticed a lot if not all of your pictures have captions on them. Is it something you add to give people your thoughts or is it a necessary thing to add to every edit?

Abby : The first one. I like to give people a peak into my mind, I either create a quote myself or find one that relates to what I feel while doing the edit. I have thing for words, their powerful why not use them to captivate

Abby and Blue

You are a very intelligent young woman. How did u get to know a weird guy like Blue and is it easy to Interact or do you get ghosted. It's ok he won't hear us!

Ahaha why thank you very much and it’s crazy I found him when I first made an insta for my avi. His video art back from the original robot series caught my attention it got me so hyped and inspired. Literally I ran down stairs and showed everyone in the house I was like thissss is how you create!! I shot him a message and we got to talking he turned out to be such a chilled guy we became quick friends now i consider him one of my closest like that family right there