The catchup

WE caught up with Blue who touched on future plans, creativity and change

First Question: In retrospect do you really think it was neccessary to switch Avi (mesh) looks as your entire virtual story was portrayed by the same face tatted baby faced avi, why come up a look that seemingly takes away from what we've known you to be?

Blue : Yeah it was neccessary, it doesnt actually takeaway from the character or the story I have because that story is still on my page. Me switching looks doesnt mean that the Blue that was freestyling vids, talking crazy on stories is dead...I'm still that nigga so theres nothing that's taken away. If I was on some "new me" bs like most people in the virtual I would've cleaned my page or shifted everything to my highlights but like I said it's a surface level change and i ironically switched looks because i wanted to lose those face tats

2nd Question: How did your friends react to the mesh switch up?

Blue: I sent the look to Candy I think...initially she said she's not feeling it (laughs) she said I looked like someone's dad now...or older and that this new look will permanently change my fashion style. Then after posting pics she told me she likes it and she takes back what she said
so um...
Anyway candy had also criticized my previous look when she first met me but also back tracked on that saying it resembles the real me (sighs) so shes basically a walking contradiction but I love her though. I also sent the look to avakingz I dont remember what they said...they didn't roast me so that was a good sign although keezy was grumbling about skin color or something like that, probably high when he skeemes through the pics.

3rd Question: So you're still getting the same reactions when you post pictures but what if after switching the avi you dropped to like 2 likes would you still have kept it?

Blue: Yeah that's the thing I didn't switch my look for other people or to symbolize some sh or anything like that. It's my virtual story, I'm the one in control. It just happens that the story is captured on a virtual Instagram, 99% of people who see the story are complete strangers so why should I let people that I dont know dictate how I play a game where I invest my own time n energy in.

Blue on Solo Creativity

Q: you haven't really dropped any creative solo vids since your short (Applying Pressure) freestyle back in may, apart from a few throwaway vids here and there, why is that?

Blue: I'm just not inspired. Making these vids is so easy for me if I was as invested I would easily make them everyday like most people in this space, obviously mine would be next level haha but I dont want to be trapped in a loop. Thats not how I create them. For most people it becomes a job because they make a vid and it pops wich gives them pressure to make the next one...then the they end up making the same thing over and over and it's not out of enjoyment or fun but it's an addiction to get reactions. I've never been on that mentality. Yeah I haven't really created since May but that's mainly coz' i didn't want to start making countless music videos...if I get time I wanna try something new like another attempt at a virtual TV series or just something that's not me waving hands in a music vid trying to be a celebrity gimmick...that's not creative. I just like people who use this platform to fight the virtual norm of making stripper type vids...people that try other stuff and aren't recycling one idea just so someone could put fire emojis on comments.

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Blue on Avakingz

Q:How would you describe the current state of your creative collective Avakingz?

Blue: we are closer that we ever were.we talk almost everyday just throwing random ideas here and there working on our next move. I see avakingz as the virtual TDE...or black hippy...its quality over quantity now...that's why you'll never see us posting back to back on our page. Sometimes we do something behind the scene and scrap it behind the scene. I mean what else do you do when youve laid the blueprint to what everyone else is doing now...that's why we came with a podcast...but theres really no cap to what we might do next. Time is the only factor

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