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We are a store that sells the most natural products that help you get the best skincare. Our goal is to make the best natural products with the best quality.

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These are the top new products we will introduce. If you are intrested in buying our product, send a DM to @blue.birdcosmetics on Instagram.

Teal Sea Nymph Scrub

This scrub is a smooth scrub similar to our Smooth Coco Scrub but this scrub has lavender which is an ingredient that helps you be calm. You can use it as a body or hand scrub.

Tutti Fruity Lip

Get that summer glow up with our new Tutti Fruity lip. Hydrate your lips. Now available only at Blue Bird Cosmetics. Buy now!

Smooth Coco Scrub

Here you can find our Smooth Coco Scrub.

Bee Happy lip mask

Get ready to bee summer happy with our new bee happy lip scrub now available only at blue bird cosmetics!

Tutti fruity scrub

Our Tutti-frutti Lip Scrub helps your lips be smooth and smell amazing! You put a little bit of the scrub in your lips and you massage your lips for 30 seconds. Then you rinse off with water and your lips will feel smooth and fresh. If you want smooth lips or if you want your lipstick to stay on for more time and to look better, this is the perfect product for you. Buy now! Only at

Blue Bird Cosmetics. You can dm us on our Instagram @blue.birdcosmetics to order!

Smooth Coco Scrub

Go Smooth. Go nature.

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Smooth coco Scrub by Emilia Torres

Go smooth. Go nature

Secret to Smooth Hands

How can you get smooth hands?

Use the Smooth Coco Scrub to get smooth hands. Apply it to your hands and rinse it well. You will end up with smooth, hydrated and clean hands. Your hands will also smell like Coconut. You can also get our Teal Sea Nymph Scrub. You also apply it to your hands and then rinse off with water. Your hands will also be smooth and will smell like lavender. Both products will make your hands smooth.

Bee happy lip Mask

Bee free. Bee happy

Tutti Fruity Lip

Befre Summer, Tutti Fruity

Teal Sea Nymph Scrub

Hand-Built by Teal

Our Scrub Collection

CEO of smooth

We have 3 scrubs so far in our Scrub Collection.

1. Smooth Coco Scrub
2. Bee Happy Lip Mask
3. Teal Sea Nymph Scrub
4. Tutti fruity lip scrub

Buy now only at Blue Bird Cosmetics

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Tutti Fruity Lip scrub

Shine. Glow. Smooth.

The Tutti Fruity Collection

Smell Tutti Fruity. Be Tutti Fruity

Our Tutti-frutti collection is a variety of products all made with tutti-frutti smell. The products we have launched so far are:

- Tutti-frutti lip balm
-Tutti-frutti lip scrub

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