greetings & salutations!

i go by mitzy online but you can call me any which way :^) i'm a 24 y/o gal in a tiny country town, full time teacher's assistant and i have +1chihuahua +1cat. ♡ i've been out of the writing game a long time now (especially with all this crisis business), so now that i'm vaxxed i'm finally ready to reeelaxx with a few cozy threads! i don't have much to go on about here tbh just a few basic courtesies, u know how it goes

☆☆☆ i'm fine writing any gender pairings but it makes me hella uncomfortable personally to write women intimately lmao, so i do tend to stick to my gays ft. eccentric side characters for romance soz

☆ as i am over 21, i would largely prefer my partners be at LEAST 18 if not older, i work with enough kids as it is lmao im sorry

☆ i'm super laid back especially ooc, i love to chitchat and send boards & playlists back and forth so feel free! so long as i can read what you're typing and respond off of it the post length isn't a huge deal, i'll probably end up matching you lol. i'm no poet either i'll be real if you want some super dressed up thoughtful invigorating prose i'm prooobably not your gal there oop. i'm also ditch friendly so there are no harsh feelings there, sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles ;o

☆ ^that being said, i do work a school schedule so that's super easy to remember if you felt so inclined but also a little inconvenient :") i don't always have the brain power to throw replies together esp if they're on the Longer side so i'd like no pressure on either end plss

☆ i'm not a fan of gore, incest, noncon, furries, or extreme kinks but if you're not sure about smth just hit me up :) smutcentric plots are okay with me but really only as oneshots lmao unless we just dig their chemistry & can go somewhere with it

i think that's all for now yall, let's skedaddle