hi ! nice to meet you ! 💘 this is @blushiesurf’s milkshake website !

what am i going to tell you in here?
- introducing!
- fonts i use!
- question for fp!

introducing! 💌

💌 hi ! my name is Maura, you can call me Mel ! I’m 11 years old. My zodiac is pisces and I’m born on 4th March 2010. I lived in Indonesia. that’s all ! 😚

fonts i use! 🏖

for my newest theme, here’s the fonts i used :

dingbats : 🛍
- hawaiian icons
- summer lovers
- spring romance
- kg build a game
- garlic salt
- uncle house extra
- pretty you
- kg flavor and frames three

fonts : 🦋
- manolete
- tulip fever
- adelia
- biko bold
- gogono cocoa mochi
- kg happy
- better together
- asly brush
- childrensans

question for fp! 🥂

- are u scared of horror movies?
- how many phones u had?
- is ur room aesthetic?
- if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!
- how long u had your acc?
- do u prefer more dresses or pants?
- does ur friends like ur type?
- do u like the color of ur eyes?
- what is ur favorite childhood show?
- do u follow ur followers back?
- do u have a fp?
- what’s a fandom you’ll never join ?
- do you play any sports?
- how old has your mom when she had you?
- if your idol was born in 2010 would you be younger or older than her/him?
- do you have real school or online?
- do you have enough followers to go live?
- what's your favorite seasons?
- have you ever go to beach?
- does your idol has tik tok?
- does your idol have a best friend?
- did your idol ever met mine idol?
- is your favorite color same as your idol?
- do you have actives?
- make a hate page for me or copy link
- copy link if you support me

xoxo, mel