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Lost souls preview!
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Lost Soul's preview

"eye at her. " He is really not my type" She gave me the meanest stank look. " type?? Bitch from
what I recall the last time you had some dick was high school, use this to your advantage."
We made our back to booth and chatted a little. Jackie was right. I need to have a little fun
with this opportunity. A tall brown skin guy swept Jackie right off her feet so it was just me
chilling. I had about two drinks and blunt before deciding to start heading home. As l walk out
the bar I see x sitting outside with no shirt slumped over. I could tell he was drunk. " yo do you
have a ride home" I called out to him. He just looked at me then back at the concrete before
taking a sip from his vodka bottle I didn't catch the first time. " wanna come home with me" I bit
my lip a little and he smirked looking down. " you sure you want that?"
I looked around before answering. " I'm down for whatever" I began walking to my car
and hopping in. Noticing that x was behind me, I unlocked the doors and let him in. The ride to
my house was quiet due to the fact x was sleep the whole way there. Don't get me wrong He's
fine as hell there's just something slightly. . . Different about him. Once I parked the car, I fixed
my hat a little before tapping x on His lap " Don't do that " he said just above a whisper. " you
were up this whole time?" he didn't answer, he opened his eyes to look at me. " I'm going to be
dead ass with you right now. Lets fuck " his eyes and mine were In direct contact. He really
didn't need to ask, it was gonna happen.
He got out of the car, closing his door, coming around to help me out of the car. Gripping
on to my waist he just held me like this while I had my arms crossed. " Who are you?" he
smirked " Your worst nightmare". I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.
" I'm just kid who's misunderstood and an anger problem" I nodded. We talked and giggled
for about an hour and I saw him getting cool so I hugged him. " let's go in, I know your cold." He
nodded so I took his hand and led him to my apartment. We watched Netflix after I fixed us
something to eat and lit a blunt. I laid across his chest with my blanket to get him warm. And he
held me in his arms. "you know I never actually got your name " we both busted out laughing. "
I'm sorry my name is Santana miyoko paola." Holding my hand out, he gave me a goofy smile
before shaking my hand." Your corny as fuck " he chuckled. I bit my lip and sat on his lap. "No, I
am horny as fuck" he laughed before I kissed down his neck and chest leaving hickeys. Like I
said he smelled amazing..
Hearing him moan is like heaven to ears and it was just making me wetter. This boy is
going to drive me insane. I tugged on his pants to get to his friend but he denied it. " I'm not
gonna let you do that ma" He lifted my chin up and kissed me. My insides felt like nothing but..."

FREEFAME Teken blueprint

June 2021


June 2019-2021


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