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Maintaining social platforms can seem exhausting but it doesn’t have to be!

I help small businesses thoughtfully curate their unique brand identity across their desired social platforms.

With the use of /

• brand identity + goal setting exercises
• personalized set up of each social platform
• 1:1 personalized coaching
• + more!

We will work together so you feel organized + excited about the content you are creating! My goal is to help brands feel confident in knowing that what they produce is a clear representation of their brand identity.

Managing your social platforms can feel effortless + easy, offering results to your business growth you may not have known you could achieve! Together we can create a plan of execution that works for you so you can start + continue with success.

Feeling inspired to launch your brand on social?

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I am inspired to work with brands that are driven by health, wellness + sustainability.

I have a background in fashion design + a passion for the environment. This passion has led me to work with brands who are transparent + excited about their industry. Whether providing a product or offering a service, I am driven to work with small businesses that inspire change to consumers!

I expanded my experience in the digital world taking on positions as a community manager, social media strategist + content creator. These experiences have led me to what I do today.

Having lived in Toronto for the last 4 years I was itching to get closer to nature! This spring I moved back to my roots on Vancouver Island BC, where I currently reside on a beautiful farm + live in a yurt! In my spare time I enjoy hiking + drawing alongside my continued study in aromatherapy + yoga.

I look forward to hear how I can support you!

Brooke Marie


Let’s connect✨

• DM / @bmariebeautyy
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Send me a message to schedule an initial consultation + chat details unique to your brand.