Tapioca pearls from scratch

1. Place tapioca flour or starch in a bowl. 2. Place black food colouring in a separate bowl and add a tablespoon of hot water to the food color. 3. Add the rest of the water directly to the tapioca flour and pour the coloured water to the bowl as well. 4.Mix the tapioca flour and water with a fork until they start to stick together. 5. Transfer mixture to a flat surface and knead until the dough becomes smooth. 6.Divide the dough into 2 and roll each one forming thin sticks. Cut them into small pieces. Try to make them as even in size as possible so they will be small enough to pass through your straw. 7. Roll each piece in between your palms to make them round. 8.Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil in a small pot or saucepan. 9. Add the tapioca pearls to the boiling water and let it cook for 15 minutes or longer until the desired consistency (soft or chewy) is achieved. They will also become darker as they cook. 10. Remove from heat and let it rest for a few minutes. They will shrink back to the original size and will turn black at this point. 11. Transfer tapioca pearls into a sugar syrup or a bowl with a little water to prevent them from sticking together.


Bubble Milk Tea Recipe 🍡

*Add 8 bags of black tea or 3 tablespoons loose-leaf black tea
*4 cups hot water
*3/4 cup tapioca pearls
*Whole milk to serve (or your choice of milk)
*Simple syrup to serve (or your choice of sweetener
*Add ice and a thick straw

Strawberry Green Tea Boba 🍡


β€’ 1/2 cup black tapioca pearls or boba
β€’ 4 cups hot water
β€’ 4 green tea bags
β€’ 1/2 cup honey
β€’ 4 oz (115g) strawberry, sliced
β€’ 2 cups ice cubes

β€’ In a pitcher, make the tea by adding
hot water to the tea bags.

β€’ Add honey, stir well and chill in the fridge for 1 hour.

β€’ When ready, add the boba, strawberry and ice cubes.

β€’ Mix well and serve cold.