About Me

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you

My name is Angelica, I am 24 years old and I am on my weight loss journey. Growing up I use to be very thin and healthy. As I got older I stopped working out since I didn’t have to do it at school anymore and little by little I started gaining weight. It got to the point where I was 3 sizes bigger and could not stop binge eating. I have not been able to lose weight until not that I started taking Herbalife products along with bettering my eating habits and working out 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. On my first 30 days I did not lose any weight. It I did feel a difference in my energy and the way my clothes was fitting, I kept going with my Herbalife products and in my next 21 day challenge I lost a total of 8 pounds and was on the top 3 transformations. Being able to hit top 3 really motivated me to keep going. I have now been on the products 3 months and my energy is so much better and I am excited to keep seeing a difference in my weight and body