Body Fort

Hi, Sufjan here.

BODY FORT Mission is to help achieve a healthy attractive body with minimal effort

Please use my work as inspirations and lessons to apply to your life. Live out as a main character of your own story.

5 SIMPLE actions to good health (NO EXERCISE)

I will spoil the top 3 right away!

1. Walking
2. Sleeping
3. Hydrating
Read below to find out 4 and 5.

Remember, habits don't form overnight. So do not give up when you start.

If you fail, return like it's day 1 and start over.
Nobody is perfect.

By Sufjan



You might not think so, but walking can have a big effect on your mood. Many of us are sitting more than ever before in our lives.. Which by now I don't have to tell you is not good for your wellbeing.

We have been born to walk. Life is known to clear up when moving. It's essential at least 3 hours a week are spent active walking.

Big bonus if the walk is close to nature. You might not realize, but there is a sense of stress involved living away from mother nature, and is not realized until retreating into the sounds of the forest.

Important to wear bare minimum soles and use your feet as a walking instrument instead of cushioning and forcing your foot in a shoe casket.

Nature time might as well be #6!
That's a bonus one for you.

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Are you proud of yourself because you only spend 6 hours sleeping at night?

It's only hurting you.

People, please get your sleep. If not, you are fighting yourself. Now why would you try to sabotage the progress you have made?

Fun fact, a very small percentage of population only need 3 hours of sleep a night. Now it's most likely not you so you probably need 8 or 9.

Don't be shy, be proud that you sleep 9 hours now. It's a sign of youth and beauty.

Sleep good, stay young.

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Water. Drink water.

And do yourself a favor and make sure it's clean water. Do not put anything in your body that might harm you.

Extra bonus if you're able to track how much water you consume. Aim for at least half gallon for bare minimum. If larger might want to go for a gallon.

Hydration is the basis to your energy potential. We do not want this to be a bottle neck.

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Sunshine is a must-have in your lifestyle. Nothing can replace your vitamin D3 levels as well as sun rays..

Amazing if you live in a geographical location with at least 6 months a year of warm bright days. Commit to sun exposure for 30 minutes during clear days and you are golden, literally.

Now if you are not as fortunate, move!
Or go to a tanning salon twice a week and supplement with vitamin D3.

Side benefits of golden skin: increased attractiveness.

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Are you able to breath freely?
Can you walk pain free?
You have easy access to food and shelter?

If yes, then you are capable of so many things, be grateful!

Gratefulness is the precursor to happiness.
Without it's not possible to sustain it.

A daily morning practice writing down 5 things you are grateful for is all it takes to keep life in context.

Things don't always go our way, so remind yourself of things that you have that bring you joy and happiness. But continue to improve your circumstance at the same time.

We tend to overlook the simple meanings in life.

It will foster a positive mindset which will attract positive outcomes with more frequency.

The Five Minute Journal - Amazon.com

Simple way to get into yoga

Here's the secret...

YouTube channels!

So many great practices out there from the best of the world.

Let me point out my favorites.

Yoga with Adrienne (BEGINNER)
Breath and Flow (ADVANCED)

At first it will be difficult, believe me.
If your body hasn't moved in those positions for a long time it's going to be painful.

But do make sure to last through. Even if it takes a horrendous form (not in a compromised position of course) or rest.

Do what it takes but allow a month for the nervous system to start firing better from head to toes.

Hell, probably a few days.

Dedicate yourself to watching 30 minute yoga beginner videos five times a week and after one month you will be a different person.

You will feel yourself getting better and more comfortable.

Your breath will begin to stabilize and your body shakes less

You will feel tallness and strength like never before.

All it takes is a month, I promise.

I guarantee that.

And don't forget a yoga mat.

Click the link below for a good one from Amazon.

Yoga will balance your life like no other exercise.

Start by typing "beginner yoga" and have patience.