Guide to use calming cream

As easy as A B C

1- Measure your body (e.g. arms, waist, thighs, hip) and record them into the magic book.

2 - Snap pictures of any old scars, dark areas, double chin, targeted areas and any areas that you wish to monitor progress on (e.g. cellulite/stretch mark areas)

3 - Turn tube head to ‘ON’, squeeze cream out and massage rollerball onto targeted areas in upwards circulation motion till cream absorbs into the skin.

4 - Cream is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mummies too!

5 - For betters results, use twice a day. 1 time in the morning and 1 time at night.

- Best to apply cream after showering or before exercises.

- Remember to take measurements and pictures of your body weekly in order for you to compare and to see the differences!

- To reduce double chin, simply massage the cream in downwards motion starting from chin to neck.

- To get v shaped face, massage the cream in upwards motion along the jawline.

- On days when you are rushing, you may apply the cream by massaging with your hands.

- Rollerball applicator can be cleaned and used on other parts of the body to help loosen tight muscles and to ease sores (e.g. shoulders, head)

Let’s consume Flush It Honey


1-please take note that the “flush” will take place in between 7-10hrs gap depending on your body.

2-for first day consumption , best to consume before you sleep assuming it will take place in 8hrs.

(Let say u need to get ready to work at 8am, 11-12pm can start to consume) so u’ll be right on time to poop!

3-if u have any other supplement / medicine to take. Please consume other supplements before FIH with gap 1-2hrs :)

4-this is important, detoxing is not mainly to loss weight. But *IT WILL HELP* with controlling food intake / eat right / some exercise / and our *CALMING CREAM* of course!

•weight at first night consumption
•bloated tummy
•any pants / jeans / dress that you feel it is so tight. Because our detox will help you for your inch loss in 7days! Poof!! Hihi

Burn it baby


1-please take note that BIB , best to consume in the morning . Or before your work out to double the burning session

2-BIB is a gentle as the name “Baby” but it will work efficiently and effectively with you consuming it for 21days straight

3- drink 2L water per day, if u feel hungry. Just eat. But you will notice you eat lesser than usual . 🔥 BIB trains your body to start “CALORIE DEFICIT “ phase .

4-please take a shot of your weight, full body (side, front and back) . Measure it and weight your “before”

5-if u have any other supplement / medicine to take. Please consume other supplements before BIB with gap 1-2hrs :)

6-for BEST RESULT ! Combine BIB with FIH and CC at your targetted areas. You will get the result you desire faster with additional workout 🔥🔥

See you in 1 week!

Enjoy the process, to the beautiful you 💖

If you have any inquiries please do now hesitate to whatsapp iqa okay ☺️

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