Oh hey, I’m Sharon

Picnic Queen & Summer Lover

and the heart behind boho & prosecco and Sunshine State of Mind.

I was a creative tween, and to this day, I'm a sensory girl at heart. The kind of girl gets lost in those experiences of sight, touch, smell, sound & taste. I can gaze lovingly at some of the epic Street Art in Perth for so long, people stop to ask me if I’m ok. If I’m eating something spectacular, please don’t talk to me, because I’m fully immersed in my food experience and it’s likely I won’t answer you. I’m the girl that salespeople hate. I walk around the stores mixing and matching artwork with furniture, linens with cushions, and pulling the tops off candles to inhale their fragrance, even though I’m not there to buy anything. #rebel. I'm a little weird. I don't like clowns or balloons (they're too unpredictable). I mime the words to Happy Birthday while everyone else is singing their little hearts out. I often feel personally victimised by innate objects, and the language that comes out of my mouth when they fail on me would embarrass a trucker. I do a mean crab dance. And I spend an average of 45 mins looking for the perfect spot to sit at the beach. (Should I put my towel on this plot of sand with a view of the ocean, or on that other plot of sand, with the exact same view, a few metres away? Better think about it a little longer.) I'm also gutsy, I'll give anything a go, and I'm a huge believer in driving social change (Check out my human.kind project to know more).

I haven't always been lucky enough to live a life of creativity. I never thought I'd have a desk job. Creative chicks drive camper vans, don't shave their armpits, walk around pantless, and wake up in a different beachside town every morning, right? But you know, you're thrust out of high school and at the tender age of 17, sometimes life has more influence on you, than you have on it. Enter stage left, desk job. Before I knew it, I was shaving my armpits, putting on pants, and nailing senior management positions in high performing environments, from health, to homelessness, to sport. I also managed extra study, extra work, and various charity drives around Perth. I did pretty good, if I think about it. #winningatlife.

But... as I got older, I started to think about what it was that made me happy. Like really, shout it from the rooftops, you do you, I'm gonna do me, happy. Being my own boss makes me happy. Being creative makes me happy. Getting lost in a book makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Letting my brain do it's thing by creating it's own forms of art is what me living my best life looks like. Then, one day, I was asked to organise my best friends baby shower, and I wanted to do a boho picnic (can you see where this is going?) The creativity I used to have, suffocated by too many years of "Adulting" exploded back out of my body, and before I knew it, running around living on coffee and a dream of having my own business turned into running around living on coffee and actually having my own business.

Running a business is no picnic (pun totally intended). It's long hours. It's rejection. It's a whole lotta money, and what you earn goes back into your business. It's lesson after lesson. You wear your heart on your sleeve and within the skin, bones and moving parts of your own business. You laugh, cry, feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, you happy dance, then throw things, all in the space of an hour.

But really, what I've learned over time is that I'm more conscious of the idea that at the end of the day, sometimes neither worthiness, effort, skills, intelligence, talent, timing, connections, looks, popularity, blood, sweat or tears will make any notable difference in your life. There are times you just have to let go, to stake your claim. Be still, to move forward. Give to receive. Cry, to feel joy. Pretend, to make it real. Fake it before you make it.

More than anything else, living in wealth, abundance and success is simply a matter of thinking that you already do. Sometimes, oddly enough, you must first decide to feel success and prosperity , to find it was there all along.

I now live a life where I always shave my armpits, I sometimes wears pants, and I one day will fulfil my dream of escaping in my Kombi van, Hendrix and waking up in a different beachside town every day. Every booking you make helps me realise that dream.

Until then, love me, but leave me wild.

Much Love,
Sharon xx