About me

Where it all got started

I am a student who is passionate about living a low-waste vegan lifestyle and using products that are as natural as possible.

I love creating and began experimenting, making my first shampoo bar! I was stoked. Then, shopping around, I noticed that there were shampoo bars, body bars and face wash bars all being sold separately. I wondered, if the bars are all-natural then they should be able to share those uses.

So I continued to experiment and found that the shampoo bar I had made was also a perfect body wash, face wash and even lathers up enough to be great for shaving! It’s so multi-purpose that I’ve even used the excess soap shavings to wash clothes and when I washed the utensils I used to make the bars, it even cleaned the dishwasher!

Through practise I found the perfect routine for my hair - how much lather to use and which acid rinse worked best (see the ‘how to use’ post on @bohobodyshop Instagram).

Another thing I noticed shopping around is that most products, not just zero waste bars but most products in general, are not clearly advertised for men. Most products you see on television or online seem to be targeted at women only. I asked around and most of the guys I know use minimal to no face or body wash and when they do, how to use it is not clear. I was disappointed. Most guys I spoke to didn’t even know shampoo bars existed.

I wanted to create something that clearly advertised how easy and important it is for EVERYONE to have proper self-care. Having a multi-purpose bar with natural scents and colour means it can easily be targeted for a wide audience, including men. In saying this, Boho Body Shop does not advertise to a gendered audience. It sells natural, vegan, low-waste products and that is our audience - guys, gals and non-binary pals alike.

I have so many plans for Boho Body Shop so thank you for staying tuned! 🌱

Shampoo Bars

How to use the bars as shampoo

1• Rather than applying the bar directly onto your scalp, rub it in your hands and create a nice lather then use that on your hair instead

2• When you're washing out the shampoo, scrub, scrub, scrub! This shampoo isn't like a store- bought shampoo that will beautifully flow and wash out of your hair with a steady stream of water. It requires a little more work

3• An acid rinse is essential for beautiful, soft hair. I found that when I first started using these shampoo bars, I didn't need conditioner but I just couldn't figure out how to help my hair distribute the natural oils. I decided to try an acid rinse of 1 part apple cider vinegar (acv) and two parts water in a spray bottle (but play around until you find an amount that works for you. Some people use much less acv than I do). You can also use different ratios of bicarbonate soda. Again, find what works for you and search around to find what others do too

4• When using the acv rinse, I like to spray a generous amount throughout all of my hair and leave it for a minute, massaging it into my scalp. Rise quickly, not thoroughly

4• With the acv, your hair will STINK when it's wet but fear not! The smell doesn't last at all and disappears completely when dry, leaving you with hair from heaven