| Self love | : Being in love with every part of yourself - body and personality. Knowing that you are number one.

Hustle. It’s a simple word, but something to live by. To hustle is to have the courage, self belief, confidence and determination to put yourself out there and work hard to achieve your goals, overcoming difficult obstacles along the way.

This is how my story started. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a stage four cancer, with a less than 17% survival rate, that should have taken my life. I came upon many tragedies and unexpected situations, BUT I knew I had to persevere for my family and myself. I chose to be tenacious and courageous, and I beat my battle!

On the flip side, I lost my hair and had many medical conditions due to the treatment I endured. Before treatment, my hair was my everything. So losing it was tragic and trying to grow it back was harder than I thought.

Then I stumbled across this amazing company whose products WORK! I was able to gain my self confidence back and feel beautiful in my own skin. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to take this opportunity to chase my dreams and give woman the same opportunity I had.

That’s when I took control and started my own beauty business! We are a naturally based, anti-aging haircare line that is clinically proven to regrow, repair, and restore hair back to its youthful appearance. I’m here to empower & encourage woman to achieve whatever they want out of life!

I’m here to make a difference : financially and personally. Who is ready to take the next step with me??💋

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