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Nice Work

Hey everyone! My name is Breanna, and I love to create! I really enjoy multiple fields of art, such as physical forms (paintings, drawings, sculpture, crafts), digital (photography, drawing and illustration, writing), accessories and wearable items (i.e. jewelry, enamel pins, patches, etc.) But most importantly, I really admire Tim Burton as an artist, and it shows greatly in my work.

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Growing up, (you know how it goes being the first child) my mom did her best to shelter me from things she thought might scare a 3, 4, or 5 year old. Her intentions were good, as she thought a movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas might give me, well...nightmares. With that being said, my dad definitely made the right choice in going behind her back to show me the movie anyways. The artwork, the movie, and songs; all of it shaped me into who I am today. I began to study his work more, read his biographies, auto-biographies, articles and news stories, interviews, you name it. Any possible chance I had to do a project, a report, or a school paper on that man, I took it. I was wildly infatuated with it all, and even more so than his movies, his writing and illustration.

Abt cnt’d:

This helped me take the next steps to study writing in college, with hopes to minor in an Art Teaching degree. For reasons, this didn't work out so well for me, and after trying two years of college at two different universities, I felt it was better work full time and move out on my own. Funds were low, I was discouraged, and I never wanted to write ever again-I felt that my artwork was not good enough, and that nobody would ever buy it. But this never stopped me from having a passion and a dream. And thus, Bone Daddy Crafts was born!

The End

“Nice work, Bone Daddy.”

The name stems from none other than a quote said in the Nightmare Before Christmas. I started finding joy in art I've never tried before, and it felt even better to share it with the world. I have many many plans for my small business and for also myself, but I'm taking it one step at a time and really building a brand, and an amazing audience. I've found a great group of people to appreciate what I do, and I have the most amazing support from friends and family, and without all of that I wouldn't have made over 100 sales on my Etsy shop! (I know, it's small, but it's a HUGE victory for me.)