all about us!

Jackie is a devout animal lover who is an expert on domestic and exotic animals. Caring for and training dogs since 1989, with the application of positive reinforcement making it fun for your dogs training sessions and learning process.

Our services include lodging, dog training, off leash walks, daycare and board and train.


dog lodging!

One of our services is dog lodging! When your dogs come here we treat them as our own and if their allowed on your furniture their allowed on ours.

Dog beds and crates are welcome, but not necessary 😊

Please only pack the amount of food needed for your dogs stay


off-leash walks!

As a dog owner we understand that sometimes we just don’t have to time to give our dogs the exercise they need, that’s were we come in! Our off leash dog walks give your dog an opportunity to run, play, roll, sun bathe and interact with other dogs. Giving your pup all the fresh-air, exercise and experience with other dogs they need.

Our walks come with a shuttle if wanted to and from your home. But you can drive them if you would like.

Your dog will be picked up between 8:30-9:30am and dropped back home around 2:30-3:00pm, happy and ready for a nap.

dog daycare!

Don’t need the walks but don’t want your dog to be alone all day? Daycare is what you need! You will drop your dog off and pick them up (shuttle is not provided for this service) and they will stay for the day! With comfy furniture to lounge on, other dogs to interact with and full supervision your dog is safe and happy when your away.

positive reinforcement training!

Many dogs end up rehomed because of being unmanageable or just wont listen. We will do everything on make sure that never happens and you and your dog are happy. Setting them up for success and working through behavioural issues.

Mind you all dogs are different, they are going to learn at different speeds. The 3 keys to dog training are timing, motivation and consistency, the work you work on these the more progress you will see.

Private Sessions

Our private sessions with your dog start with learning the basic skills (target, sit, come, etc.) to staying still for nail clipping, baths and more. Positive reinforcement training is when you reward the exact behaviour you want (timing) not almost but exact. You have to reward dogs with delicious things to them (cookies, meat, other yummy treats) then again all dogs are different so if the treats aren’t rewarding enough then make it so they earn their meals(motivation). The most important part is consistency, the more you practise the better they get same goes for everything you do. The practice can’t just be our sessions, you have homework. Just 5-10 minutes a day working with your dog is all you need.


"Amazing trainer! I have an aggressive 8 year old, large breed dog, and Jackie has done such an incredible job working with him and myself. We’ve both learned so much. Hands down amazing work!"

- Melissa

"Two weeks ago l met the best dog trainer. I have had 3 training sessions with Jackie and l’m extremely happy with the results. I have feral dogs straight off the streets from the Caribbean that have EXTREME fear aggression towards my guests and my other dogs. After only one session with Jackie my feral dogs responded better than 3 months of another type of training with 2 trainers. After 3 sessions they are calmer, trusting and listening. Jackie’s approach is so different and so effective. I couldn’t be happier, it has already changed the whole dynamic of the home. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a doggy trainer!!"

- Diane

"Yesterday in the middle of our big move, my 8 year old Golden Retriever melted down…. The stress of watching strangers remove all her stuff from the house was too much for her to deal with. Over the phone at the last minute, Jackie was able to talk me off the ledge and gave me some solid advice with several options to try and advice on how to get through the process of moving with our fur baby to a new home. Armed with her advice the day went much smoother than it started!! I highly recommend Jackie for any needs with your pets (snakes to puppies) She’s the best!"

- Cheryl

"Jackie, dog trainer extraordinaire, and so much more, has made a huge difference to our household, especially our golden doodle George lV. Georgie had some serious behaviour problems as a one year old. For instance, refusing to go to the bathroom in his designated spot and holding it for 18 hours instead, socializing with other dogs and obeying commands. Jackie, our beautiful and effective trainer, is gentle but firm and believes in reward not punishment. Georgie responds to this so well, especially on his walks with other dogs. Jackie trained us to solve any problem we had, quickly and easily with her guidance.

Georgie is happier and so are we. We would highly recommend Jackie to anyone with a dog or human in need of training of any kind. She is also an excellent dog walker. She explains what is going on with Georgie so that we understand. That is so important to us.

Jackie is kind, thoughtful and extremely insightful - a real gem. We are so glad we found someone with her level of expertise, knowledge and effectiveness. She is so much more than a dog trainer. Jackie is the dog whisperer. "

- Maggie, Mary and Tracy