About CES!!

Capture every moment

Capture Every Shot is a photograph company and we are doing what we love 💕

We are loving being photographers of this account and we enjoy capturing your best moments☺️ Now enjoy our website to see more Team, prices etc 😁

The Team!

Owners and Sponsors!

The Owners, Bonnie Kearney and Sophie Dillon!

Bonnie Kearney:
Hi I’m Bonnie a Australian Eventer/Showjumper! And I’m one of the owners of CES! I have two main horses names Roto and Duke, we do grade 3 together! I enjoy taking photos of our sponsors and all the amazing riders out their! It is special to me that I’m lucky to be a photographer for CES! As well I have two cameras a nikion and a canon camera 📸

Sophie Dillon:
Hi I’m Sophie a Australian showjumper! I compete D grade on my pony Arty! I love taking photos of great riders and our sponsors! It is amazing being a photographer for CES! I can’t wait for CES to grow! I have a nikion camera 📷

Our sponsors!

Ruby Smiley!

Hi my name is Ruby, I am 12 years old and my horse is called Astro he is a 15.3hh Arab X Clydesdale and together we do eventing! We are moving up to EvA80 once competitions go back! I love being on the team because everyone is so supportive and kind! It is a nice thing to be part of, getting to know everyone better and I am very thankful to be on this awesome team!

Jess Shacklock!

I’m Jess, I own a 13.3hh Australian riding pony Duke, we compete grade 4 and train grade 3. I ride Roto a 16.3 OTTB who I haven’t competed on yet but hopefully I will! I absolutely love all your amazing photos and I’m so happy to be on the team!

Emily Walker!

Hey. My names Emily Walker. I’m a 13 yr Eventer/ Showjumper from Melbourne. My horses name is Harvey, he’s a 7 yr 16.3 OTT Thoroughbred and together we compete D grade Show Jumping and Grade 4 Eventing although are hoping to move to grade 3 soon. I also have a 6 yr Connemara, Pheonix we mainly do Show Jumping and compete D grade! We love being on the Capture Every Shot team as they take insanely good photos and are really fun to work with!!!

Domi Philips!

Hi I’m Domi, I’m a 13 year old and I ride a 17yo 13.3hh pony called Sunny. We currently are competing grade 5 but going to grade 4! We are Aussie show jumpers and some time do some eventing for a laugh. We are honestly so grateful to be on the CES team with the supportive owners and great photographer!

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