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The intention for creating Books4Fun was to inspire others to read. To hopefully redirect others to read a book, and empower them to love learning. Books are a form of knowledge and hopefully, directing others to read books can inspire others to further their education as well. Often we forget the fun in learning and it drives us to not wanna continue expanding our academics. In my study, I took an anonymous poll on college students. The majority of the students felt drained in college during their 3rd year. In conclusion, the majority of the students were forcing themselves to learn, but not finding a passion in learning. This is why approximately 32.9% of undergraduates do not complete their degree programs. My goal is to redirect others that learning should be fun. Educate others on how to make learning fun and hopefully inspire others to continue their studies. Maybe one step forward to understanding that learning can be fun starts with picking up a book. Picking up a book and being hooked on literacy, might just create a new drive to learn and expand your education in college.

Why? Find the why when it comes to studying/learning. Why are you studying?- Good grades, proud parents, brighter future, dream career ?

Merchandise coming soon !! ( January 1st 2023 )

Rugs are in process ! The theme for the rugs will correlate with the books !