Hey! I’m Kristin (Kris), originally from Massachusetts and now living in North Carolina.

If you’re new here, here are a few quick things to get to know me!
I live with my boyfriend in North Carolina and our Golden Retriever, Cooper andddd all of our plants. I work in the Social Media Marketing industry and he works in sales.
I love Michael Scott and The Office. I have never seen the last episode of the series (on purpose!) because I don’t like endings.
My favorite movies are Home Alone, Dumb & Dumber, and Heavyweights.

pancakes > waffles
I love early 2000’s punk rock like Blink182 & Something Corporate. You can still catch me headbanging at concerts in my chucks & band tee.
My dream job is what I’m currently doing - showing up on Social Media and getting paid for it!
I don’t like snow, loud noises, and when people don’t use blinkers.
I love astrology, energy hacks, essential oils, working out, hiking, puzzles, house plants and macrame.

I’ve got a sweet tooth and a deep love for Doritos. Cool Ranch.

Do we share anything in common?

Why Boozeless?

My last drink was red wine from a paper cup on May 23, 2016 in my hotel room in Disney World, “the happiest place on earth.” It was my first, last, and only wedding anniversary. In that moment, I realized that what was left of my mental “health” was being drowned in alcohol, and consequently the toxic behavior that took place while and after drinking. My relationship with myself and those close to me were deteriorating at exponential rates. I had a moment of clarity the morning after my last drink and told myself I wouldn’t drink for 30 days. It was during those beginning weeks my husband and I separated and I knew that for my own health and clarity, and the upcoming changes, I had to stay sober. It’s now 3+ years later. We divorced, I’m still sober, and I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve used my story to help and serve others who are in a similar position with their lives and mental health.

Looking for a hobby that pays?

$500 extra a month.

That is all I wanted, that was all I truly needed. When I saw the opportunity that it was possible - and more, I couldn’t believe how much more. I wanted to not feel stressed about groceries, gas or feeling like I was splurging on a venti ice latte with extra coconut milk or an organic facial.

Simple things that add up very fast when you have student loans, a mortgage and a million other bills you need to pay. When I hit $500 extra a month I broke out into tears, then when it sky rocketed above that I knew I hit something good.

I didn’t want to add ANOTHER job that I’d have to go work for someone else. Have to show up after working 45 hours a week to go waitress or babysit on someone ELSES time.

I hit the holy grail, you bet I did. I’m thankful for just how much flexibility being my own boss gives me and how much joy it brings to be able to help others do this, too.

Just know girlfriend - if you are stuck and are looking for a sign. This is it and there is plenty of room for you. You CAN sit with us and get paid to have fun with your friends.

Remember, anything is possible.



What do you do?

Do you actually make money?

It is 100% possible. Just takes a little courage, hard work & willingness to learn. Let me help you build your social media by genuinely sharing products you love. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get the same social media training and branding other people give.

I will help you:

✧ Find your purpose
✧ Work with goal like-minded individuals
✧ We hand you the tools + resources to apply to having your own business
✧ Social Media Training included - grow your platform, do’s/don’ts of social media & how to brand yourself
✧ Amazing luxury hair care products
✧ Work from anywhere from your phone or WiFi
✧ Opportunity for FREE trip incentives + free Cadillac Program
✧ Work full-time or part-time. You are your own boss!
✧ Actually earn money while you learn how to run a business
✧ 1:1 training with me & my team


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The only product you truly need

This rich blend of 13+ essential oils have 100+ uses for the human body. Excema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry scalp, sunburns, oily skin, acne, alopecia, tattoos and damaged hair - you name it. Packed with essential fatty acids this magical oil is the holy grail!

Sunscreen for your hair

One of my favorites both for summer sun and dry winter air! Did you know that the sun damages and ages your hair just like it does your skin? Filled with procataline & cordasorb is powerful botanically based ingredients protect your hair from harmful UV rays make your hair dry, weak and brittle.

The real MVP

There is a reason we call this THE CHAMP! It brings back 3-day-dirty hair and is formulated with Capixyl, a powerful water soluble peptide that generates new hair growth! This dry shampoo is made with rice protein and some bippity boppity boo - magic root lifter!