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Meet Hope!

Hey there!

I'm Hope Hasan, a midwestern girl, a Chicago native. I was raised on the Northwest side of the city near O'Hare, and I come from a large Middle Eastern & Latino family. By day, I'm a graphic designer, by night, I co-host the Boozy Betties podcast with Chrissie Rios.

I attended Columbia College Chicago, and pursue photography at my leisure.
One of my philosophies about art is this -- inspiration is everywhere, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

When I'm not working, you can most likely find me googling, listening to music, or snapchatting my siblings.

I love good conversation - so feel free to reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

Meet Chrissie

Hi, I am Chrissie Rios, a once upon a time video game industry girl, that is now running a nerd media company, beauty brand and one half of the Boozy Betties Podcast.

If you are looking to learn a few tips and tricks with makeup, DIY and weight loss surgery, be sure to follow my Instagram account @thekwinnbee Ohhh and I have recently fallen in love with photography, so expect to see some cool shots there too.

Let's see what else, hmmm...If you listen to our show, you know I watch a lot of Netflix and tv for "research purposes", I am a fan of all things Ryan Reynolds...all things, and I enjoy a damn good scotch.

I bring humor, no filter and brash honesty to the show. If that is your jam, you will be right at home in the Betties universe.

Say hi directly!

1 - I went to an all-girls HS, Chrissie also attended the same school!
2 - I love iced anything - I put ice cubes in milk.
3 - My first job was at O'Hare Airport, pushing wheelchairs all around the terminals.
4 - My first car was a Nissan Altima 98, I named her April.
5 - I love the water - enjoy kayaking, swimming, or just taking a long shower.
6 - I can wiggle my ears
7 - I admire Lady Gaga. She is hands-down an amazing artist & philanthropist
8 - I have driven a motorcycle, but I never passed to get my license.
9 - I have traveled internationally to Brazil and Israel
10 - I love vintage anything, mostly housewares, pins, & photos, too.

1. I am a Chicago girl with a Joanna Gaines/Martha Stewart Obsession.

2. I have a rescue dog @harperkwinn and a cat named The Puff (she’s too shy for the gram).

3. I had VSG Weight Loss Surgery on February 22, 2021.

4. I am a social seller with Seint Beauty. It’s been one of the best things to happen to me, my confidence and introduced me to one of my best fiends.

5. I struggle with depression, anxiety and was diagnosed with ADHD in 2007.

6. I have worked with and traveled with Pro Wrestlers

7. I am a massive comic book fan and have quite the collection of classic Harley Quinn awesomeness.

8. I have done voice work In several video games (some major titles). A couple casino games too.

9. I love home DIY home projects and creating crafty goodness with my cricut.

10. Coffee is life! I am a Starbucks girl and when I can get a Tim Horton’s...I am a happy girl.

- I am a Sports junkie. Playing or watching brings out the Super competitive side of me.
- I love a good deal, both finding and sharing.
- I can back squat 205 and deadlift 290

1. Paloma
2. Laphroaig Straight
3. Bourbon County Stout
4. Jack and Coke
5. Blue Moon Draft Pint with extra orange

1 - Mojito
2 - Paloma
3 - Malibu & Coke, Lime
4 - Irish Coffee
5 - Goose Island Barrel Stout