This is me, in a metaphor.

Faster pussy cat, faster.



All things are nice,it's your maturity that will allow you to see that.

I am a highly evolved Human being / spiritual/ alien being in a way that most humans may not know of on the surface, but yet would be able to grasp on a deeper personal level when they meet me I am a special part to play in. Each of your lives. Arh-yeh.

This website is in the main beginningabut it is a bio website. Soon I will have lots of selfies, pro pics,info, blogs, and maybe even mp3s of mine voice singing. Maybe even some of my metaphysical writings on truth and life.

Hope you'll be tuned in as the changes and growth project me.throigh the www, and hopefully we will meet again.

Thank you. Peace.

About me

38 years of Samsara

Let's start with some stats, then we'll move into some personal biography.

Name: Tamaralin Fittler
Age: 38
DOB: OCT.06.1982
Eyes: Greenish turquoise
Hair: Blonde lit golden brown {currently bleached}
Height: 5'8 1/2
Weight: 200lb current, 130 future.
Most Prominent Features:
Location: born and bred in Hamilton,ON.Currently residing in DTES Vancouver.
Nationality: Italian/Croatian ( Fittler means: Farmers Child)
Fave Colors: Black, White, Grey, Clear, Neutral, Royal Blue.
Soul Nationality: Primitive/Greek
Religion: Quantum metaphysics with emphasis on satanism. The only thing I worship firsly is the infinite omnipotent life force which perpetuates past death andia the creator of all galaxies, universes and beings. Thusly I worship you. I believe this life force to be called GOD and within this GOD,I acknowledge with the best of myself all the Lord's, demigods, barons, goddesses, shamans, psychedelics,insanity and on and on and on. All life inclusive. Secondly, I worship myself. I am.
Education: 3Yr Ba. psychology. 3 month training for a certificate in Fitness Personal Training.
Desired Education: Ba Philosophy Ba.English
Ba.Classical Studies Ba.Languages BSc Mathematics

This pointformed bio will be added to periodically. So keep checking back.

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