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My name is Eniola, I live in Italy, am a mum of 4 handsome boys and am QUALIFYING SENIOR SALES COORDINATOR by the grace of God.i found this opportunity 1year ago when I was looking for something to support my health when I came across a lady on social media who told me I can earn money on my phone.ii used to be a teacher back home but I had to relocate to Italy 4years ago.I have always been a stay home mom that depends on her husband for everything.,I was able to start my own business from home even while staying at home and this business eventually provided me with a full time income. I have been working fully from home since then without worries. Gradually am building my empire and working towards my dreams .. I am dreamcheaser, encouraging and always looking for the positives in others,Join 100s of individuals in my team and learn how to earn online.you must be 18+ & resident in the following countries; UK,Netherlands, France, Italy, USA,Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Finland, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Isreal,UAE, Belgium, Ireland &more

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My products support weight management, You can simply join my program by ordering our boosters and shakes as our basic plan for weight management. I will be supporting u with healthy meal recipes and detox recipes to kickstart too,stay active and see urself loose an average of 7lbs each month..

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Acne testimonial Many customers have testified about my products supporting their skin glow. Just by using our berry blend,drinking loads of water,eating clean and also having a hygienic skin care routine can help you achieve this

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Lyna moved from one bed set appartment to becoming a home owner + a 7 figure income earner within 6years of being with our company

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Is this a pyramid scheme? Capital No. Our company’s biz model is simple & straightforward. Everyone joins with same fee , same entry point and one can potentially grow past own sponsor.
-Is there a monthly renewal of this franchise? No. Only a yearly renewal.
-Is this a buying & selling business? No. As a matter of fact, you are not allowed to stock up, buy in bulk to resell.
-Is this a get rich quick scheme? No. It requires building, consistency & effort.
-How do I get my customers? You will be mentored on how to attract ur target market globally from where u are.
-How much can I roughly earn? Uncapped earnings according to ur effort.

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