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I create, show, educate, guide and transform.

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Welcome to my world gems. I call you GEMZ because everyone is a treasure in their way. I am known as Gaëlle Marie or as BOSSWITHGM, a diverse individual, content creator, muse, fashion/fitness lover, youtuber and OF course, a PRODUCT for the environment. I am CURRENTLY a UNIVERSITY student, in my LAST semester to be an educator to youth and adults in a detention center.

Two years ago, I was overweight, unmotivated, unhappy, lost, and depressed person with no guidance. I was bullied when I was younger because of my culture and weight, but it got worse in high school which, made me depressed and self-conscious, and I became very disconnect without EVERYTHING (life, world, people e.t.c) Growing up (Grade 7 to NOW), I took care of my BABY brother, I was everything he had (ATM). I did everything I could so he would not have to grow up like me (being bullied) (not having someone to show, educate, and guide) which, I loved doing because it brought happiness because I could see my brother's happiness and growth. It then clicked to me that if I can guide and help my brother Maneuver Life, I can help others. I started volunteering at-risk community centers/homes/schools to guide and assist them. After doing so, it brought GREAT joy and, it filled my heart with fulfillment, happiness, and wish. I had that when I was younger. AFTER THAT I knew I wanted to continue to help people. I knew that one day I would assist people around the world to become the best version of themselves that would be physically, emotionally, and mentally. But before that, throughout the years, I kept gaining weight, not eating, not helping myself like I help others, not happy in every aspect. I was 5'1 at 175lbs+ (OBESE) for years... then in 2018-2019, I dropped to 160lbs (STILL NOT Satisfied or happy)

Then, in March 2020, DURING the pandemic, I decided to CHANGE. I was randomly on Instagram after doing my “half-ass workout.” I saw an opportunity to work whenever and wherever from WIFI. They had all-NATURAL weight loss/gain products and saw before & after pictures of people and, I thought this could help me! I was off, unmotivated, unfocused, lost, scared, and had my doubts but, I leaped faith to make CHANGE for myself. For a better body & life (income) during the pandemic, I lost 32lbs in 6.5 months and currently 40 pounds down as of December 2020 and, I have Financial freedom. I make income, using products, promoting them, and helping others reach their goals that are PHYSICALLY, FINANCIALLY, MENTALLY & SPIRITUALLY. I am so happy about what I did for myself, my life, and others. Even though my life and struggles were crazy, I made myself who I am and, it was not the greatest. But I MADE it happen and, EVERYONE can do it too. 

TO END this LONG story..
I WOULD love for you to witness and take part in what is about to be the best ride of our lives!
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This opportunity was a big blessing
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I have gotten rid of financial stress. 
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I am happy, grateful, dedicated, focused, & free.

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You can do anything you put your mind to it! 💪🏾✨

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