HOW I . .

. . Live this crazy life

I am a dog mom & happily hitched to my bearded ginger! Our bodies are tatted & our pups are our children [fight me].

I am just a normal girl living in a plus size world. As I started gaining weight, my already fine hair began thinning in a pretty prominent spot. I tried all the products without success . . . until now!
So I share my love of what’s working for me & help others love their results too!


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My Fave . . Lip Balm

The chapstick to end all other chapsticks! I have been addicted & completely reliant on chapstick since I was a child. My lips cracked & burned in only an hour without it. THAT ALL STOPPED with La La Lips ! This all-natural CBD balm helps your lips start producing their own moisture again, something other sticks block!! In less than 2 weeks of use, my lips have stopped cracking & peeling. My lips aren’t screaming without constantly reapplying. I am obsessed & want to buy a million more . . But that’s kind of against the whole point lol

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My Fave . . “Collagen” Supplement

During my hair & skin journey, I learned that our bodies cannot absorb collagen in its whole form. So we have to break down other pure collagen supps first into amino acids & hope we can absorb all the goods before we just flush it all out . . 🚽 get it?
That’s why I’m obsessed with Collagen Key! It is Vegan-sourced amino acids, which are the building blocks that our bodies need for natural collagen production. So, it skips the extra breakdown step and all we need to do is drink it up & let our body absorb!
It’s basically a shortcut to healthy & strong hair, skin & nails.

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• Collagen Key • Monat

My Fave . . Wireless Bra

Listen, I am all about comfort . . especially carrying around a little extra junk in all my trunks! 😆
Rarely will you find me in an underwire anymore. And this is my favorite “soft” bra so far! It actually supports my girls, without just squeezing them together causing other sweaty issues for me 🥴 The long-line also helps keep the bra in place comfortably & does away with the dreaded back-fat squeeze!
I wear a 40D if that’s helpful.

• Simply Perfect Longline Convertible Wirefree Bra • Target

My Fave . . Liquidless Detergent !

Drop the jugs with Earth Breeze detergent eco sheets!
Choose a clean company, not just clean laundry 🧼 And cut plastics one replacement at a time.

• biodegradable packaging
• no mess
• dissolves easily, even cold!
• not paying for 90% water
• low carbon footprint
• washes donated for every purchase

$10 Off Your First Purchase

My Fave . . Reusable Paper Towel

This little Reusable Paper Towel replaces
17 rolls!!! It is All Natural. Antibacterial. Compostable! I love this little thing. They say on average one of these babies lasts you 3 months, you just hand wash or dishwasher to clean & hang up to dry! Mine hangs on the side of my fridge and my favorite use is cleaning the kitchen with it.

Check them out here!