botanically blissed foraging tours

Hi! I’m glad you found your way here. You’re probably curious (or perhaps even skeptical!) about the idea of wild food foraging. Despite foraging being the way of life that sustained the vast majority of our ancestors, most of us in our current paradigm are very very removed from relationships with the plants that grow beneath, above, and around us. (city in the forest, anyone?)

Luckily all it takes is a willingness to learn, plus a knowledgeable guide, in order to begin to come back into relationship with the plant world. I live in an urban part of Atlanta, and have for many years - and let me tell you, even in a major city I have found that the landscape is PACKED with wild foods and medicines! The problem is, most of them get overlooked- many even denounced as ‘weeds!’

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If you hire me as your foraging guide, here’s what to expect: we will make a plan to go walking together. These walks can take place in a favorite nature spot of yours, a route in your neighborhood that you frequent, or in your backyard! The important thing is that it’s somewhere you’ll visit regularly so you can get to know the plants there and learn to recognize them as you visit throughout the seasons.

On our walk we’ll identify plants as we come across them. I’ll share identification tips, information about whether a plant is edible/native/endangered/medicinal/poisonous, and any relevant folklore. Afterward I will compile all of this information into a master document for you. I’m happy to work with individuals, or with families. I can also lead foraging tours for large groups if you want to organize a birthday party foray, get together with friends and form a learning group, or hire me for your homeschool collective. For group walks, we can also incorporate games/songs/activities that promote orienting to our surroundings. If there are certain things that you’re more curious to learning about, I can tailor the walk to your interests as well.

Get in touch with what you are looking for and I will send you a quote! I really want this information to be accessible to everyone, so if cost is a barrier we can do bartering and/or a payment plan.

about cornelia

It’s hard to say when this path started for me exactly - I’ve always been very plant enthused! Some of my dearest early memories are of digging potatoes in my grandfather’s garden, delighted and mystified to see food growing deep inside the soil.

As an adult, I came into a more structured study of plants through a personal health crisis that western medicine was unable to provide help or answers for. My roommate at the time suggested to me some herbal remedies. I was very skeptical, but also desperate enough to try, and to my great surprise I found that they helped. I needed to know more, and this led me to an 8-month herbal medicine study in Philadelphia, with Grassroots Herbalism, where I learned in depth about anatomy and physiology, how to treat various ailments with herbs, and how to identify and make medicine with the plants growing around me.

Every year since then I’ve gone deeper into autonomous study, dedicating hours and many, many walks to learning about the plants I encounter. I also continue to attend conferences, group walks, and classes. Herbalism and wild food foraging go hand in hand, and I operate with the belief that food is a medicine, as it literally builds our bodies, and when we are eating local foods that belong to our bio region we are moving into deeper health and can become more rooted in place as well. These are both lifelong studies (and what a joy that is!), so I will never claim to know everything, and will only impart knowledge that I fan confident in. I forage with a healthy dose of both caution and awe, and will impart this same approach to anyone who I bring along with me. I