using botanicals to heal + support our bodies has been done since the beginning.
let’s get back to our roots + utilize Earth’s gifts

Premium Starter Kit

Ultimate beginner option.
Everything you need to begin your natural wellness journey!

12 of the most popular + versatile oils, your choice of diffuser, free samples, AND 24% off all future orders?? yes please

‣ Citrus Fresh ⋯ mood booster + tasty
‣ Digize ⋯ digestion support (tums who?)
‣ Peppermint ⋯ energy + relieve tension
‣ Lavender ⋯ sleep, skin, everythinggg
‣ Frankincense ⋯ grounding + skincare
‣ Valor ⋯ confidence, alignment in a bottle
‣ PanAway ⋯ cooling muscle aid
‣ Lemon ⋯ brightening, goo-gone
‣ Thieves ⋯ immune system bomb
‣ Raven ⋯ respiratory + breathing
‣ Peace & Calming ⋯ soothing sleep support
‣ Stress Away ⋯ relaxing vacation in a bottle

Let’s do it!

Welcome Home Starter Kit

Limited edition + insane value!!
EIGHT pure plant juice oils + the cutest wooden holder. This kit won’t be here much longer!!

This kit comes with—

‣ Frankincense ⋯ grounding • induces glowy + wrinkle-free skin
‣ Lavender ⋯ promotes healthy sleep • amazing for skin
‣ Peppermint ⋯ head tension relief • energizing
‣ Valor ⋯ confidence in a bottle • aligning
‣ Grapefruit ⋯ detoxifying • stimulates metabolism
‣ Lemon ⋯ great for cleaning • natural goo-gone
‣ Lime ⋯ use for cooking • antibacterial
‣ Tangerine ⋯ aids digestion • calms nerves
‣ Wooden oil holder!

Let’s do it!

Thieves Starter Bundle

Wanting to switch the cleaning products you use to all natural versions that actually BOOST your immune system instead of harm it? AND lasts foreverr? —this kit is for you!

I’ve gained absolutely so much peace of mind knowing my cleaners aren’t disrupting my systems or my pets, since they lick EVERYTHING. Just google the history or backstory of Thieves to learn about the origin of this powerhouse blend.

This kit comes with—

‣ Thieves essential oil
‣ Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
‣ Thieves Mouthwash
‣ 2x Thieves Household Cleaners
‣ 2x Thieves Foaming Hand Soaps
‣ 2x Travel Size Thieves Sprays
‣ 2x Travel Size Thieves Hand Sanitizers

Best part? These products are extremely concentrated, making them last forever!
One of those Thieves Household Cleaner bottles will make you 40 bottles because you only need one capful mixed with water! + I love the fact that I can safely clean virtually any surface with this ONE cleaner!!

Let’s do it!

Ningxia Starter Bundle

NingXia Red is your daily multivitamin in a yummy liquid form! It’s made from NingXia wolfberries, which were evaluated on the ORAC scale (google it!) + tested as the world’s highest antioxidant food. Meaning wolfberry has unsurpassed ability to absorb the bad free radicals that attack our bodies and contribute to illness + aging! It’s also infused with essential oils for extra supporting plant juices!

This kit comes with—

‣ 2x NingXia Red bottle
‣ 30x NingXia Red singles
‣ Ningxia Nitro tubes

Let’s do it!


i’m callie

A regular college student living in Atlanta

About a year ago, I decided to make it a priority to deeply explore my personal health + ways I could improve it.

If you’ve ever searched “how to get healthy” or anything similar..... it’s like WHERE DO I EVEN START?!!....... I had absolutely zero idea on where to start my wellness journey.

To make a long story short, I reached out to this totally authentic chick with blue hair who I saw raving about these plant juice oil thingys?
... I already believed plants were powerful, in boosting mood + fortifying our bodies, but i wanted to know what the heck these were all about...

Not gonna lie, I was a member (maybe even the president) of the HATE MLMs club! I had always heard terrible things but never did my own research about the structure or “legitness” LOL.

I researched for months (being a neuroscience + psychology double major kinda makes you wanna research everything...)
I decided to buy a kit of twelve oils (that have since changed my life for the better.) I then kept researching while using the oils, in an attempt to learn everything I could before I posted or decided to recommend them to others.

Basically... I’m just a real ass girl working hard to earn two degrees and pursue med school.
And I’m also making some coin by doing things I was already doing before--- telling my loved ones + social media about things I’m obsessed with. It is seriously that simple. Not schemey or gross like my once close-minded self had believed. But empowering + freedom-filled.
And man, looking back on that scared, lonely girl who was doing nothing for herself (health-wise or community-wise), aka me a year ago, I am SO glad I took the leap of not caring what others may think!

I made this account as a creative outlet + source for connecting— let’s be friends!!