I’m so glad you’re here 🤍

If you’re here, that most likely (hopefully) means you’re interested in something I said. Let me start by telling my story.

I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was a teenager. And not just the “I’m worried” or “what if” kinda things, but the full-on panic attacks. Difficulty breathing, heart racing, inability to take a single step kind. I was seeing a counselor and it helped sometimes. But let’s be honest, I was having terrible migraines, and not sleeping, and stress eating and I felt like a disaster.

Fast forward to January of 2019, I had been watching a friend rave about these essential oils, and talk about the effects of toxins on our body. So I grabbed my Premium Starter Kit. I’m not going to lie to you and say my life changed immediately.

But, my life sure changed little by little after that. I began using my essential oils intentionally. To help me sleep. To slow my breathing when I needed it. To ease my head tension. In between seeing my counselor & doing some personal work to shift my mindset, everything changed.

Now here we are, and while I gained support in the only area I was looking for, I also got SO much more. Friendships from other girls who use these products, extra income from this accidental business, and strength that I didn’t even know I had in me.

Join our team! 🤍

Choose a starter bundle below

All of these bundles are heavily discounted, and created specifically to get you started on your wellness journey in a way that fits best for you!

Each bundle also earns you access to all of our team resources (Instagram & Facebook), 24% off retail pricing (wholesale prices for life!), and a welcome gift from me!

Premium Starter Bundle

Peppermint- headaches, energy boost
Thieves- immune support
Lemon- cleanse your body, freshen the air
Citrus fresh- flavor your water, freshen bedding
Digize- tummy & digestion support
Valor- courage or bravery boost
Peace & calming- calm your mind (great for kids)
Lavender- healing cuts/scrapes, sleep support
Stress away- ease stress & anxious feelings
Frankincense- great for skin/wrinkles
Raven- respiratory support
Panaway- sore muscles, aches & pains

Plus samples of other amazing products!
Pictured is the desert mist diffuser.

Select the diffuser of your choice

Thieves Starter Bundle

This is perfect for ditching products in your home that you use daily!

2x- household cleaner
I use this for everything- plus it’s a concentrate so you only need 1 capful to make a full spray bottle of cleaner. I use it on counters, wood floors, toilets, sinks, wood tables, couches and more.
2x- foaming hand soap
Also dilutable, I turn 1 bottle into 3 to get a great bang for your buck!
2x- hand sanitizer
It doesn’t dry out your hands, but instead moisturizes and smells like peppermint!
2x- thieves spray
I love to use this for door handles when I go out, public bathrooms & shopping cart handles. It’s also great to give a quick spray on your phone.
Thieves mouthwash & toothpaste
Thieves essential oil for immune support

Only $125

Ningxia Red Starter Bundle

Ningxia Red is created from the goji berry which is the highest ranking antioxidant on the ORAC scale (how antioxidants are measured).

I drink 2oz of this daily to help boost my energy, support immune system, provide my body with nutrients and so many other benefits!

2 bottles Ningxia Red
30 packets Ningxia Red for on-the-go
Ningxia Nitro (this is a great additional energy boost), many people use it as a pre-workout

CBD Starter Bundle

CBD infused products that I use daily!

CBD muscle rub- soothes sore muscles, aches and pains
CBD roller- soothes anxious feelings and thoughts, helps with sleep
CBD drops- soothes anxious feelings and calms the mind, for morning or nighttime