Creating yummy, beautiful cakes and cupcakes to make your special day a sweet one

Hi 👋 my name is Ana Nolasco and I have been baking and creating flavors ever since I can remember, but I have been baking and decorating for 10 years. I grew up in Brazil and we are for sure sweet addicts! We add condensed milk to pretty much everything. It’s a magic ingredient and turns anything into a delicious dessert.

So when did this passion start? My family always liked to host parties and get together, so baking and enjoying sweets was always a big part of fellowship. So much so that baking brings me so much joy and peace. When the aroma of baked good fill my house it just brings a smile to my face. I love combining the joy I have for baking with my love for art and creating new things.

I hope to be part of your special day and create something special just for you. Come be filled with the joy of a sweet slice of cake or a cupcake.

My secret ingredient is L💜VE!

For your orders:
Text 202.341.2712
Email [email protected]

Starts at $125

Boozy Shot Cake

Any flavor cake, any flavor filling, overestimate in buttercream, soaked with the liquor featured for the cake.
3 mini bottles of the liquor featured

Starting at $80

Tall Drip Cake

4 layered cake
Butter cream
Topped with chocolate / candy decorations
Included custom topper

Start at $100

Specialty Custom Cakes

Contact for pricing

Wedding Cakes

Starting at $5 per serving

Buttercream tiered cakes

Starting at $7.50 per serving

Fondant Covered Tiered Cake

Starting at $4.00

Boozy cupcake