Speed Dating- Make Better Connections

Here at Branch Out Social, we know how tough dating in Nottingham can be. After recent challenges, it’s time to return to meeting new people in person and making real connections. Instead of the exhausting cycle of dating apps, start having real conversations and meeting like-minded people in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer you a hand-selected relaxed environment that’s ideal for meeting new people who you might be the perfect match for.

Our aim for each of our local Speed Dating Events is for everyone to have a fun and memorable evening, without any of the awkwardness you might associate with Speed Dating Events of the past. You’ll only have five minutes to spend with each date, and we’ll provide you with conversation prompts if you aren’t sure where to get started. We always like to get our participants warmed up with a few ice breakers at the start of the night, which helps everyone to relax and get ready for the fun to begin. Whether you are newly-single or an experienced speed dater, we promise this will be an experience like no other!

Each of our venues is hand-picked by our team, who will also be on hand to host the event. You’ll find the venues are centrally located, with an area within the venue reserved just for our dating events in Nottingham. We pride ourselves on offering affordable events, so you’ll still have money left over to spare for when you meet up with your date in the future.

For more information about Branch Out Social Events or to get booked in for one of our local Speed Dating events, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

How it works

All of our Speed Dating Events follow a similar format, with a meeting time of 7:45 pm and a start time of 8 pm. When you arrive at the venue, our Branch Out Social Event Host will be there to greet you. You’ll be provided with a name badge, a number, and a pen and paper, so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything with you on the night.

On each form, you’ll find three options: Yes, No, and Friends. For each date, you’ll select one of the options to decide whether you want to exchange contact details as friends or for a date. Of course, you always have the option not to exchange details as well during our singles nights.

Once the Speed Dating Event begins, we invite Group A to take a seat at their table, while Group B will rotate around to each of the dates throughout the night. Each date lasts five minutes, which is just enough time to get to know each other. Halfway through the evening, there will be a quick 15-minute break, where you can grab a drink or freshen up in the bathroom. From there, the night continues until you’ve met every date in the venue. At the end of the night, we’ll ask you to hand in your completed form to the Branch Out Social Host, who will input the details and get in touch with you if you have any matches the following day.

Our Branch Out Social team will be on hand throughout each of the events. If you have any questions during the event, don’t be afraid to ask. We’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable night at each of our monthly singles Events.

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