Hey guys, I’m Brandy!

One day I decided to change my life and I did!


Two years ago I was bed ridden stuck at home due to medical. Nervous to go back to work because I didn’t know if I would be better by they time work started again. But also stressed about finances because even with part time job we needed more! And I wanted more like to continue going on regular family vacations!

In June on 2019 I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business! I had been watching this girl take her family to Disney paying in cash and constantly buying her boys things and I wanted that!

Since I’ve take the leap of faith I’ve been on half a dozen trips, not to mention medical trips to add in, been able to spoil my son constantly with week treats and getting what he asks for birthdays and Christmas! And my husband and I have been able to have more dates whether day dates or date nights and have beet quality time together since I’ve stopped working in September of 2019! And have been a stay at home mom since!

I’ve been able to better my health and take a lot of time to work on it and focus on it! I’ve bettered my mental health as I was headed down a dark path since having my son and learn to better it! AND I’ve been able to train at least 2 dozen women to do the same as me! And a lot of them were mommas, some were college students and others were just tried of being stuck in the corporate America rut.

Fill out this link below to join with me or inquire more information! I cannot wait to help you take an opportunity to change your life instead of going around in the same cycle of life!