brandi’s corner

the “bran” in “branypoo”

i’m not famous or anything, i just really like making websites. to navigate: swipe, or tap the arrows.

if it’s out of your hands,

it deserves freedom from your mind too

things i love

(and keep coming back to)

i love a lot of things.
i needed a place to hold all of said things.
so here we are.

sergei rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2

claudio abbado & hélène grimaud’s interpretation of one of the most beautiful classical pieces i’ve ever heard. (start & end time stamps: 25:03 - 37:07/moderato)

seoul timelapse 2011

the most stunning & soul-stirring visuals i’ve seen of seoul, ever. i either tear up or deadass cry—EVERY TIME.

notes from the universe

daily emails that encourage & inspire. i feel like the composer/sender of these messages is someone who loves me very much—it brings me so much comfort 🙏


the BEST tarot reader, hands DOWN. her readings are freakishly accurate + detailed & thoughtful. i always feel so much lighter after listening to her insights 🙏

bible gateway

i’m an imperfect christian, but i try my best. i come to bg for verses all the time. bg offers endless translations/interpretations of the good book + audio bible (SO convenient). i have the app too, which is really nicely designed and reliable (smooth, not clunky, unproblematic).

sololearn (iOS)

learn/practice coding. myspace needs to make a comeback, because i miss casually flirting with a 5 to 6-figure salary while perfecting my profile 😩

real chess 3d (iOS)

a beautiful app for practicing those sick moves♟added bonus is the soothing af background track. a very zen experience ~

90-day korean

where i get my korean lessons. they frequently offer huge discounts—i scored my lessons at half the price during a special. the entire course is broken down in a different way than other teaching platforms, because they use little mind tricks to make the material really stick. all those tricks to make the material stick = learning quick 😂

naver translator

best online translator (imo) for korean. idk about its authenticity regarding other languages, but with korean, it’s pretty spot on. it breaks down translations word by word, and even has a switch to toggle for casual/honorific translations.

talk to me in korean

another fantastic resource for learning korean ~

co — star astrology (iOS)

best astrology app there is. period.


iconic, tbh. ⭐️



hey you

yeah, you

just tap play.

(in case you’ve forgotten how important you are ♡ )

“when you saw only one set of footprints,

it was then that i carried you.”

brandi’s travel bucket list

so many places to see, so little time... ✈️

india 🇮🇳

delhi, kolkata, mumbai, new delhi, varanasi

ireland 🇮🇪



beppu, hiroshima, kobe, kyoto, nagasaki, nagoya, okinawa, osaka, shibuya (harajuku), tokyo

norway 🇳🇴

south korea 🇰🇷

busan, gangnam, itaewon, seoul

united kingdom 🇬🇧

england, scotland, wales

sometimes i make edits

taemin press your number w/eng subs

taemin danger w/eng subs

taemin mystery lover w/eng subs

bollywood clips i can’t live without

shah rukh khan’s glorious body 🤤

silsila ye chaahat ka - the STUNNING aishwarya rai

mitwa - srk & rani ALWAYS 🌹

tumhi dekho na ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

tauba tumhare - beautiful & sexy acting ☺️

saans - caution: contents are 3000% hot

ROMANTIC AF I DIEEE (not a fan of kajol tho - spare me the horrified gasp 😂)